Why Choosing a Great Wedding DJ May Top Choosing the Perfect Dress

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Each year, the U.S. holds about 2.4 million weddings. But even with an abundance of celebrations, many brides find the planning stage challenging. The stress level of the average bride on her actual wedding day can be uncomfortably high, which makes careful planning all the more important. From the cake to the party favors to the disk jockey, every detail is debated and rightly so. However, a properly chosen DJ entertainment option can actually help alleviate some stress, and here’s how.

The Best Party DJ Knows That On Your Special Day, You’re the Boss.

You might assume that the bride is the most memorable part of any wedding, but what about the entertainment? Guests are just as likely, if not more so, to remember the music and other amusements provided. Yet studies have shown that couples only allot about 5% of their total budget towards the entertainment. This is a critical mistake, as a good custom DJ package can assist with the pacing of the actual ceremony as well as the reception.

Why You Need to Vet Your DJ Hires Carefully.

First off, it is critical that the DJ you hire is responsive to your requests. This is the time to be clear and firm about what you want. But in this lies a tricky part: you and your partner must know what your shared vision is for this event. For example, do you envision elegance and soft romantic music for the reception? Or is modern rhythm and blues more your style? The music will set the mood. Make sure you know what mood you desire, and then ensure your party DJ is clear on those desires.

Why It’s More Than Okay to Have Demands.

Your party DJ company will want to please you by playing the music you like, but they cannot accomplish this if they don’t know what you like and what you don’t like. Yes, this means presenting a list of songs not to play during your wedding. This is not a time to leave things to chance, especially if there is a common song or two that you simply despise. After all, it is your day, and that means you get to choose the dancing music. Remember though, that the entire ceremony and reception are about more than just dancing, which brings us to our third consideration.

You Should Have a Song For Everything.

What song will play when you enter the reception? What about when you cut the cake? There are a dozen small ceremonies within a wedding day, and the right music can act as both a cue and help solidify an emotional reaction amongst guests. A good DJ will go over the timing of the day with you, although a clear schedule for the day of the wedding does not go amiss. These are details that are best handled well before the big day, so make sure both the DJ and a trusted wedding planner have a schedule to follow.

A wedding is unlike any other party. A hundred tiny details must come together for a wedding ceremony and reception to be carried off smoothly. Perhaps the most stressful detail for any bride is getting the timing of each moment precise on her special day. The right party DJ can certainly help, but it is up to the happy couple to choose the right one for them.

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