Using Microblading For Great Eyebrows

Modern beauty and fashion for women covers many aspects of the body, clothes, and accessories, and one popular avenue for a crisp new look is touching up the eyebrows. Microblade shading and using eyebrow shading, or professional-grade microblade tools can give a woman a new look in her eyebrows. Beauty school may include courses for […]

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Why Supporting School Fundraisers Isn’t an Option Anymore

Pretty much every school has some type of fundraising event throughout the year, to support sports teams, extracurricular activities, or even the school itself. School spirit apparel might be sold to help with updates or construction, while other school fundraising might support a class trip or extra educational opportunity. Apparel is definitely one of the […]

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Preserving Comfort and Relaxation in the Line of Duty with Military Shirt Stays

When it comes to working any kind of law enforcement or first responder job, it is likely that you would have a number of important responsibilities that you have to fulfill on a daily basis while also staying safe and conforming to all the rules and regulations regarding your apparel. Law enforcement professionals, military personnel, […]

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Taking a Look At The Importance Of Representation In The Entertainment World

From urban news to the latest Hollywood news sites, representation matters in popular media (and urban news represents only just one facet of that). After all, the United States is really and truly a melting pot, made up of people of all different backgrounds, all different ethnicities, and all different races. With more than three […]

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Enhance Your Home’s Decor With a Sterling Silver Tea Set, Candelabra, and Other Objets d’Art

Silver mining dates back thousands of years. The Royal Society of Chemistry reported that the first evidence of this was found in Turkey and Greece around 3000 B.C. Given its beautiful sheen, it’s not surprising that there are 14 or more different languages where the words, “silver” and “money,” are identical. Since silver can be […]

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