Using Microblading For Great Eyebrows

Modern beauty and fashion for women covers many aspects of the body, clothes, and accessories, and one popular avenue for a crisp new look is touching up the eyebrows. Microblade shading and using eyebrow shading, or professional-grade microblade tools can give a woman a new look in her eyebrows. Beauty school may include courses for microblading eyebrows training, and salons may also offer microblading eyebrows training for those looking to learn the skill. For those unfamiliar with this beauty technique, just what is microblading? Where can classes be learned? What are the results of professional microblading?

The Eyebrows

On average, an adult person’s eyebrow has around 250 hairs, and they grow and die fast; they usually last about four months, instead of the three to seven years for hairs on the head. Caring for the eyebrows and other hair is very popular today; a poll conducted by YouGov Omnibus covered 2018 New Year’s resolutions and found that some 29% of women reported wanting to focus on self care, and a May 2017 survey found that about 51% of American consumers reported daily use of hair care products. Eyebrows are distinctive parts of the face, and this warrants grooming attention to them. In fact, research by MIT showed that celebrities, when they had their eyebrows removed from photos of them, were recognized only 46% of the time by participants. With all this attention on head hair, how can today’s woman get the best look?

Microblading Equipment and Training

According to Elle, the core idea of microblading is simple: a a tool with multiple pigmented fine needles at the end is gently brushed through the eyebrows and across the skin’s outer layer, depositing the pigment. This is not the same as face tattooing, where needles go deeper into the epidermis. This does mean, however, that microblading and its results are temporary, lasting around 18 months. To get the job done, the stylist will thread the hairs and clean up the area, then topical ointment is applied and numbs the area after about 40 minutes. The stylist will also make final decisions about the brow based on the client’s skin tone and eye and hair color, and may draw upon years of experience to determine just the right look.

As the ointment finishes its work, the stylist measures the customer’s face to determine the best way to finish the job, then begins the needling work. Featherweight strokes will implant the pigment on the surface of the skin, and once this part is done, a final layer of pigment is applied that lasts for five minutes, the area is cleaned, and the job is done. If the pigment has not completely settled in evenly, a follow up session may take place 6-8 weeks later. Over the next ten days or so, the eyebrows may look flaky and lose color, but their intended color and shape will be fully manifested after 30 days’ time or so.

Microblading eyebrows training can be found at various style and skin care training classes or facilities, and during training, students may learn about how eye and hair color, skin tone, a customer’s typical makeup, and more will affect the color and shape of their eyebrows after microblading work. Similar skin care techniques may be learned too, and microneedling classes and eyebrow shading, among other stylist skills, may be learned. A person’s local skin care and beauty salon’s staff may advise a prospective student on where she can find affordable, local beauty courses to learn microblading eyebrows training and more, and may even get a referral.

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