3 Tablecloth Hacks to Make Your Event Easier

Anyone who has hosted a large event has probably faced some kind of struggle when it comes to table linen. With outdoor parties you have to worry about wind blowing them up in guests faces or blowing them off the tables all together. With any event you have to worry about whether or not the tablecloths will hold up and stay neatly in place. Sometimes it probably seems easier to just do away with tablecloths altogether, although they relieve so much of the burden at clean up time.

There’s no need to struggle though once you’ve learned these fantastic hacks for table linens. Below are three things you can purchase to make event planning easier.

Tablecloth Clips

Have you ever taped a tablecloth down to the legs of a table only to have the tape peel up after five minutes? It’s frustrating isn’t it? Well, you can do away with that frustration permanently by investing in clear tablecloth clips.

These clips are see-through and slide onto the edge of the table to discretely and securely hold your table linen in place.

Fitted Tablecloths

In case you weren’t aware, fitted tablecloths are also a thing. If you don’t like the idea of the clips, this is another option to keep your table linen from flying away or annoying your guests. They fit smoothly and tightly onto the table creating a sleek look that is hassle free.

Burlap Tablecloths

If your main concern is the durability of your tablecloths, you might want to consider going with burlap. It’s a sturdy material that comes in multiple colors and can add a chic or rustic look depending on how you adorn it.

Not only are burlap linens durable and pleasant to look at, but they are reusable. Go with a generic colored tablecloth and reuse it later by changing out the colors and decorations surrounding it.

Say Goodbye to the Tablecloth Blues

Event planning can be really stressful. The last thing you want is one more thing to worry about. Put these party hacks to use and do away with the stress of tablecloths so that you can focus on more important party related business.

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