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Have you been feeling in a rut? Going to bed at the same time, following the same routine every morning, working til late most nights, going to the gym, and spending a lot of weekends working? When you do take some time off, are you doing pretty much the same things then, too?

In the past, humans tended to live seasonally a lot more than they do today. Their daily schedules, their work, and even their leisure activities varied according to season. The world has changed a lot, and it’s a good question whether it’s reallly possible to capture some of that variety in the climate-controlled work world of the twenty-first century. The office routine really can’t change much just because the season changes. But it turns out there are ways to vary routine in a healthy way. One great way that nearly anyone can manage is by varying leisure time activities and combining them with exercise.

Maybe you like the idea of scuba diving, paddle boarding, or bouldering. Perhaps when you head to the sporting store the guns or archery equipment speak to you. Maybe rock climbing or fly fishing are more your speed. If you?ve never thought about it before, here are three areas where you can start spicing up life! It just takes a bit of thought, preparation, and then practice to really make one of these activities yours and get the most out of it.

  • Head To The Water: Whether you’re living by the ocean, a river, or a lake, there’s always lots to do in the water besides just swimming. Scuba diving is a great way to experience a dramatic change of venue, get some exercise, and see some of the most amazing sights our planet has to offer. Scuba diving lessons and equipment are available everywhere and at every starting level.

    But if scuba diving isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine. There’s lots to do above the water, too. Many lakes and shoreline areas offer kayaks for rent and classes if you’re interested in becoming really proficient. You might just end up buying your own. For even more exercise, try paddle boarding for beginners. The effort of standing up will help your balance, and you’ll have a long view, too.

  • Head For the Hills: The average camper goes camping almost five times a year, and while you may think of camping as something that requires miles of hard hiking into the backwoods, there are actually many public campgrounds that provide amenities like firewood, grills, toilets, and showers. In fact, 76% of campers go to one of these public campgrounds.

    Hunting is another possibility, if you enjoy a challenge. Not only will it get you out into the natural world and away from the office, but get out there regularly and it will enhance your understanding of all of nature, from weather patterns to animal behavior. If you don’t want to actually hunt with a gun, how about hunting with a camera? Much the hunting gear will still be useful for you if you want to make a hobby of getting that perfect photo of an unusual animal, bird, or insect.

  • Stay in Your Own Backyard: Did you know that the practice of archery strengthens nearly every muscle group in the human body? The pull required will particularly work the muscles in the shoulders, chest, back, and arms; but your core and legs will also get a workout as you practice the right stance. There’s likely an archery shop just a web search away from you right now. And, bonus: you’ll be all ready for the zombie apocalypse.

These are just a few suggestions for great outdoor hobbies that add exercise, variety, and interest to your routine. There are a lot more, like rock climbing, rollerblading, or even just taking the time to go apple or strawberry picking when the right season arrives. If you’re still deciding, why not head over to a sporting gear shop and see what strikes your fancy?

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