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Every year around January, the stores flood with people looking to keep their New Year’s resolutions going strong. Sporting goods stores may particularly see an upswing in sales as people come in for adventure gear, camping gear, workout gear, or to cash in gift cards for specialized sports like fishing equipment, hunting gear, paddle boarding, etc. At massive sporting goods stores, the options for what you can purchase there may seem limitless — they may have a huge inventory that covers a wide range of sports and fitness levels. Regardless of what you’re looking to get into, it’s important to have the right kind of equipment to get started. If you’re a runner, you need good running shoes. If you’re a camper, you probably want a sturdy, waterproof tent, among other things. Let’s discuss why gear is important, what you should look for, and why getting out there should be on the top of everyone’s New Year’s list.

Why Be Active?
If you’re trying to lose weight, being active is a great way to shed a few pounds, along with focusing on a healthier diet. However, being active also can make you feel better emotionally and mentally — it helps you burn off some steam and can even help you unwind. It sends positive chemicals to our brain — such as a “runner’s high” — and can makes us feel more positive about our lifestyle choices and our bodies. For example, archery can improve muscle development in almost all your muscle groups, including your shoulders, chest, and back.

It may also help us hone unexpected skills that can help us in our everyday lives at work and school. Hunting, for example, requires extreme focus and precision, as well as plenty of practice in target shooting. Camping can teach good life skills — how to start a fire, cook over a smaller stove, and set up a tent, as well as enjoy being outside.

Why Do I Have to Spend Money On All This Stuff?
It’s not impossible to start a new activity and cobble together the gear you need for it (though it will be difficult if you’re looking into getting involved with hunting, fishing, archery, and some other specialized sports). However, your performance — and your body — could suffer as a result and it could even be dangerous.

For example, without the right kind of rock climbing or scuba diving equipment, no instructor would ever let you practice, and you could be seriously hurt attempting it on your own. Running with the wrong kinds of shoes can have negative repercussions for your feet, shins, ankles, and knees.

You don’t necessarily have to get the most expensive, name-brand items in the store, but you will need to pay attention to what you need to buy for the sport in order to be successful. Luckily, most sporting goods stores carry a wide array of items at varying price points, and with a little research, you may be able to get what you need without spending a fortune.

What Should I Look For in a Sporting Goods Store?

This can depend on if you’re wandering in simply to browse and see what strikes your fancy or if you’re looking for a sporting goods store that carries specific equipment for your sport. Ideally, you want a sporting goods store that has an array of price points and goods, and that carries quality items that you know you can trust.

Having friendly and knowledgeable staff can also make a huge difference if you’re asking for recommendations or have questions about the brand or product you’re thinking of purchasing. Be sure to check out refund and return policies as well, especially if you’re shopping online.

Get in gear this year armed with the right equipment. It can help motivate you to get started and make sure you’re doing it in a safe manner. Check out your nearest sporting goods store to get started.

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