Tattoos A Brief Overview and Options

American flag tattoos

Tattoos are a part of every day life in America, or have grown steadily in use in the past 20 years. What was once a counter culture activity is now more commonplace, as almost three in 10 Americans have at least one permanent tattoo. There is a significant number especially among the younger generation to get tattoos that signify meaning.

There are many types of tattoos, just as there are many types of people who have tattoos. They can signify different things. Sometimes that meaning is shared between people, such as a tattoo that signifies a group or a specific meaning such as the tribal tattoos that men get one their upper arms.

There are different places that people get tattoos. There are tattoos that are gotten on the arms, on the legs, on the neck, on the head, on the feet, on the back and every where in between. People sometimes get tattoos along their spines or tattoos on their elbows or tattoos on their hands and feet.

There are many places to get tattoos. There are parlors all around the country that are devoted to giving people the best tattoo they can get. These tattoos sometimes have artists that have been around for 20-30 years and in some cases likely longer. They are experienced at giving tattoos.

There are different kinds of tattoos. For larger tattoo works, there are sleeves, which are tattoos that are orchestrated across the entire arm. They generally have a framework and transitions between different parts of the tattoo. There are half sleeves which cover just half the arm but likewise generally have something tying the tattoo together.

Many people get tattoos of particular significance. Sometimes it’s a quote in another language, like Sanskrit or Chinese. There are pictures of significant others and portraits of loved ones. Often, there are names shared between significant others with hearts attached to them.

One of the more popular tattoos involve mythical creatures, such as unicorns or elves or different creatures that are popular with women. There are also tattoos that highlight a person’s body, beautiful colored tattoos on a leg or the side of a body. There are great renditions of black and white tattoos that capture intensity of the starter picture.

There are as many different kinds of tattoos as the people who get them and many more. There are certain things a person who has never gotten a tattoo would benefit from knowing before walking into the tattoo parlor. There are certain steps that help in deciding what tattoo a person wants.

First, a person would benefit from being aware about the different tattoo parlors in their area and which tattoo parlor to pick. There are tattoo parlors that are new and have new tattoo artists. There are tattoo parlors that have been established for years and have tattoo artists that have been tattooing for years.

The tattoo parlor that has the most experienced tattoo artists will charge the most per tattoo, whether that charge is per hour or per the size of the tattoo. The tattoo parlor that has the least experienced tattoo artists will charge the least for the tattoo, whether that is per hour or per the size of the tattoo.

There are other things a person needs to know. If they are nervous about getting a permanent tattoo, it is always possible to get a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattoos are a great way to try the tattoo game out. If they feel comfortable, it might be possible to get a permanent tattoo.

There are some statistics about tattoos.

  • The top 10 most popular spots on the body for tattoos are the lower back, the wrist, and the foot.
  • 1.5 x 1.5? tattoos are great for kids, as they fit easily on their hands and cheeks.
  • Almost three in 10 Americans (29%) have at least one permanent tattoo, but nearly one fourth (23%) of those with tattoos say they regret getting one.

A temporary tattoo is a way to test out the tattoo game before getting a permanent one. A temporary tattoo, and there are many types of temporary tattoos, can have different arrangements. A temporary tattoo can be ordered online. There are types o custom temporary tattoos, including temporary tattoos for kids.

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