Wrist Watches Remain a Popular Christmas Gift Idea

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If you are looking for a particularly dynamic gift this holiday season, you might consider giving the traditional present of a watch. Whether you are looking at an Omega Constellation Automatic of considering a sampling of womens designer watches, it is important to make sure that you do you research. Whether you are a fan of vintage watches or you are just starting a watch collection, you likely know the importance of understanding the kinds of tastes that watch collectors have.
Even in a time of digital technology, there are still many people who appreciate a wrist watch. Worn as both a piece of jewelry and to serve a function, wrist watches seem to be making a come back in a time when some may have feared that we would become a generation of only looking to our phones for everything from the time of day, to the temperature outside while we could take a minute away from finding out how many messages that we had.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the role that wrist watches continue to play in the world of fashion, the function they serve, and the economics of the nation:

  • 2,000 Rolex watches are produced every single day.
  • 38 million Americans will buy fine jewelry or watches in any given year.
  • 25% of watch buyers indicate that they mainly wear a watch to make a fashion statement.
  • One in eight watch wearers indicate that they wear their watch as a status symbol.
  • Because minute hands were not used until the 17th century, the first pocket watches had just one hand showing the hours.
  • The watch market is expected to reach $11.5 billion by 2020 with an estimated growth rate of about 4% every year between now and then.

Omega Constellation Automatics are just one type of wrist watch that you might consider purchasing and giving as a gift. Knowing the important role fashion plays in this country it should come as no surprise that wrist watches are a still popular holiday gift idea. If you still have one gift left to buy, consider filling that last hole by purchasing a wrist watch as both an unexpected but useful gift.

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