Four Tips for Looking Your Best

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We all want to look our best, and with good reason. First impression are huge, whether you?re talking about a first date, a job interview, a university application, or meeting the boyfriend?s parents for the first time. But we don?t just want to look good for others. 86% of surveyed women say that makeup improves their own self-image, and 82% say it helps them feel more confident; which probably explains why the beauty and personal care industry is worth $400 billion globally!

Maybe you?re looking for better skin care services, or considering mink lashes, eyelash extensions, or even shopping around for bridal makeup. Perhaps you?re considering derma planing for microdermabrasion to improve the look of your skin. Whatever it is, here are a few beauty tips to keep you looking your best:

  1. Protect Your Skin First
    Ok, so you want to do things to your skin or put things on your skin. but you need to be taking basic care of your skin before you worry about makeup and chemical peels. Did you know that sunspots can appear in your 20s? Most people won?t see them until their 30s and 40s, but even if you?re still young and don?t have them yet, don?t risk it by spending silly amounts of time out in the sun unprotected. The Skin Cancer Foundation says that the sun is responsible for 90% of the visible damage we get to our skin, so start protecting yourself now.

    You also need to be using the right soaps and moisturizers to get the best from your face. Stay away from harsh chemical soaps or ones with plastic micro bead technology. Apart from any environmental damage, we just don?t know what those things do to the face. Find cleansers with natural exfoliants like salt or crushed almond shells. And make sure to moisturize regularly, not forgetting your hands and neck!
  2. Pamper Things
    If you want to look your best for the longest, you can?t put your skin through constant torment; but you also can?t just go through ordinary life without ever stopping to care for your skin. Think about occasionally getting skin care services, or spa services that pamper you with a facial or other special skin treatment. Your skin will love it.

    Don?t buy only the cheapest moisturizers, and don?t forget to drink plenty of water to hydrate from the inside, as well. Occasionally splurge for some hydrating masks. Finally, don?t forget to protect your hands with gloves when washing dishes or cleaning with any chemicals.
  3. Choose the Right Beauty Products
    Your makeup says a lot about you, and things like your choice of synthetic lashes, mink lashes, or silk lashes not only affects how you look, but also how you feel. When choosing things like foundation and lipstick, don?t be afraid to get some advice from a professional. Few things look worse than the wrong shade of lipstick or obvious caked-on foundation!

    Shop around for just the right product for you. Take lashes, for example. If you?re trying to decide between mink lashes and synthetic lashes, consider the quality and comfort differences. Synthetic will usually be stiffer and contrast with your own lashes dramatically, but mink lashes made from hair are soft and fine. They weigh less, look more natural, and feel easier to wear.
  4. Get Into a Routine
    It might seem like an awful lot of trouble to take care of your skin and pay so much attention to your makeup. But a routine will speed up the process and help you remain consistent. In the morning, get in the habit of exfoliating your face; then throw on moisturizer after the shower. Right after the shower, take a minute to tweeze your eyebrows. Then put on makeup. This will soon all become a routine that you can manage in less than 10 minutes.

    In the evening, always clean off the makeup, and the day, and before bed throw a bit of coconut oil on your face, neck and hands for a luxurious treat they?ll love. It feels a bit oily, so it?s not the best thing for daytime moisturizing, but at night you?ll never even notice.

You want to look your best: so now go do it!

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