A Simple Guide to Men’s Bracelets

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If you thought bracelets were only for women, you were wrong. A good bracelet can be just as masculine as any other piece in out outfit.

The point of a bracelet is to emphasize your overall look. But like most accent pieces, they can have an uncomfortable and awkward effect if not worn correctly. Here are some tips for choosing and wearing bracelets.

Four Basic Bracelet Guidelines

  1. Bracelets should be worn like wristwatches. They should lie against the skin, under sleeves that are long enough to cover them.
  2. Thin cord straps can be stacked on the same wrist; however, you should never wear multiple thick, metal or leather bracelets at the same time.
  3. While wearing a wristwatch, it is okay to layer with multiple thin cord bracelets. More than one big metal or leather band should not be worn on the same wrist, so avoid wearing broad leather bracelets with watches.
  4. Always leave one wrist bare. Wearing matching bracelets on both wrists is awkward.

Three Types of Men?s Bracelets

  1. Broad metal bands

    This is arguably the only kind of bracelet you should be wearing with a suit and tie. Nice metal bracelets are classy and timeless. They are a simple, bold statement piece for your wrist.

    A single, clean-cut metal bracelet is the perfect accessory for dressier occasions. Make sure you choose a piece that is strong and noticeable without being gaudy. Even if it is slightly understated, it will certainly speak for itself every time it flashes from beneath your cuffs.
  2. Rope Cords

    Strings and rope cords are much more casual. They come in various thicknesses and look best when stacked or intertwined. The great thing about these kinds of ornaments is that they are easy to personalize; you could even make your own.

    Rope cord bracelets are trendy while giving off a chill, Zen sort of vibe. You may not want to wear a rope cord to a board meeting, but they are acceptable in most casual settings.
  3. Leather cuffs

    Similar to rope cords, leather cuffs are casual. They come in a wide variety of styles, so depending on the color, quality of leather, and pattern, they can give off a punk, prep, or hippy vibe.

    Since people tend to wear more than one leather item at once, you have to be mindful not to clash. Ideally, you will want to match the color and quality of your bracelet to your leather belt or mens satchel.

    Unlike womens leather bracelets, men?s tend to be slightly thicker and chunkier.

Your outfits change from setting to setting, day to day, so if you?re into bracelets, you should definitely pick up a few different styles to go with your clothes.
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