A New Thread May Make Reusable Bags Healthier and Safer

Cities and localities all over the country have been trying to clean up their environments by limiting the number of plastic shopping bags that are given out at stores and pharmacies. The goal has been to get shoppers into the habit of using cloth shopping bags instead. In some locations, such as in Washington, DC, […]

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6 Tips to Make Your Wedding Tables Look Great for Less

Weddings in the United States are big business. The American wedding industry brings in about $50 billion each year. At least half of all brides report that planning their wedding was harder and more stressful than they expected it to be. One of the details that has to be dealt with is linens for weddings. […]

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Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Leather Furniture Looking Great

For many people, when they buy furniture, it is one of the most expensive purchases they will ever make. For many people, these purchases rank just behind buying a home and buying a car in terms of how much they will spend. The furniture industry in the United States is a big one. In 2013, […]

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How to Get Started With Letter Writing

Letter writing was once the main form of communication, before the invention of the telegraph. Letters would travel all across the world, containing communication from the official to the personal. While today, letter writing is not as popular as it once was, there is still a certain charm to crafting a hand-written letter and a […]

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Heavy Duty Boots For Hard Working People

Work boots have to meet some very tough criteria: they have to provide safety, traction, waterproofing and lightweight comfort. In fact, they work just as hard as their owners do. Workplace safety regulations also help to define the construction and design of work boots; that’s why the best steel toe boots protect workers’ feet from […]

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How to Find the Perfect Pair of Hiking Boots

We’ve all heard the joke about the woman who went shoe shopping and after trying on pair after pair, found an oddly familiar-looking one near at hand. She thankfully slipped her feet into their welcoming comfort. “I’ll take this pair ,” she said happily. The perplexed salesperson told her that these were in fact her […]

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