Three Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest In Industrial Gift Wrap

Bulk christmas wrapping paper

The holidays may not be right around the corner, but they are coming up. For most people, buying presents for their loved ones is one thing — gift wrapping them is another entirely. Wrapping paper is tricky business for those who haven’t mastered the art of gift wrapping. Although everyone is grateful to receive a present, the impact of that gift can go out the window when it’s poorly wrapped. It doesn’t ruin the gift, but it does ruin the presentation on some level. This is why so many people select the option of having their presents wrapped for them — whether they’re ordering online or buying in store. What does this mean for those selling the presents, exactly? It means buying industrial gift wrap. Industrial gift wrap is essentially commercial gift wrap. By buying bulk gift wrap, your company is able to wrap presents for your customers. This is especially appealing during the holiday season, of course. But in reality, wholesale gift wrap can serve customers all year round — because even when you aren’t giving gifts during the holidays, there are always birthdays and special occasions to think about. Below, we’ll give you a few tips on making the best possible gift wrapping experience for your customers.

1. Make It Convenient

The whole point of bulk wrapping paper is that you can make life easier on your customers. Gift wrapping may not seem to be a “big deal”, but in fact it can get to be very trying, especially around the holidays. One consumer can potentially buy dozens of presents for their friends and family. Every single present has to be wrapped — this can take hours, and it has to be done in relative secrecy. Therefore, it’s fairly easy for the gift wrapping to end up a bit haphazard. Again, the wrapping doesn’t have to be perfect for a gift to mean something, but people feel even better about the gifts they’re giving when they’re wrapped well. Being able to select a gift wrap option at check out — whether online or in store — makes things so much simpler, which is why many consumers are willing to pay extra for it. Since they usually are paying extra, make sure that the gift wrap is well done and as clean as possible. It needs to be perfect, and it needs to be quick — don’t expect your online customer, for example, to wait extra time for their delivery to be gift wrapped.

2. Provide Variety

When buying industrial gift wrap, seek out variety. Make sure that there is holiday gift wrap available, as well as “secular” gift wrap. Try to have gift wrap that is both gendered and gender neutral — you can’t be sure about what your customers will want. Perhaps the most important thing to take into account is offering gift wrap all year round. While some companies offer gift wrap simply around the holiday, you’ll be able to make even more money if you offer it year round. Seeing the option of year round gift wrap will make people more likely to use it, and for that matter more likely to see the point in spending money on it. Remember that paying for gift wrap is technically a bit of a luxury — you need to make it worth it for your customers.

3. Make It Special

While using industrial gift wrap, you also might want to think of other ways you can make the buying and gifting experience special for your customers. You may want to offer them the option of adding on a gift card with a personalized note. For those sending gifts directly to the recipient, this is much appreciated. Make sure that the customer feels appreciated as well. Send a thank you note to them, perhaps, and make it clear that they made the right choice in having their gift wrapped. You’ll see the results in not only happy customers — but loyal ones.

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