6 Creative Sports Team Fundraising Ideas

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Sports are a great way to get your child active, involve themselves with peers, and to learn important team building skills. Problem is, all the traveling, practices, equipment, and coaching can be incredibly expensive. So what is a sports team to do?

Fundraise! There are plenty of fundraising opportunities available to kids of all ages, and here are some creative ideas to get your team inspired.

1. Customized socks

Socks are always in fashion, and everyone needs a pair or two! What better way to grab someone’s attention than with interesting socks that boast your school’s colors? Plus teams throughout the school can all go in on pairs for their own team, and it is sure to be a hit. Just imagine the photo opportunities that will come to you with this type of apparel fundraising.

2. Rent-a-athlete

This is great because it has a 100% return of investment! Have an auction and rent out the athletes for the day to offer their services, whether it is mowing a lawn, cleaning out a garage, walking a dog, babysitting, or house sitting.

3. Phone cases

Personalized phone cases are always a hit as every teenager nowadays has a smart phone! They are great especially for seniors who will be leaving their high school behind. Make the design simple and unisex, and make sure to include the school mascot and at least three school colors.

4. School spirit wear shirts

Every school has a spirit week, so tap into that idea and offer a customized shirt idea that every student can wear year after year. Apparel fundraising like this is great as high school t shirts never go out of style, so make sure they have a fun quote or saying perfect for selfies and memories alike.

5. Restaurant night

What family doesn’t enjoy going out to eat? Hosting a fundraiser at a neighborhood restaurant is a great way to show your school spirit while making memories as a family. Get a group together, as the more people who come, the more money the team will receive!

6. Tape the coach to the wall

All you will have to do is to buy a few rolls of duct tape, sell it by the yard, and see if you have enough to keep your coach glued to the wall for the entire game. This is an easy fundraiser that will bring in loads of laughs during a homecoming game, the season opener, or the last game of the playoffs.

Whether you choose apparel fundraising or another method, you will sure to bring in plenty of money for to keep your team thriving!

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