Assisting Military Families, Our American Duty

Those who choose to serve our country are required to sacrifice a lot. They are required to spend many months away from home, training for their specific branch of the military. They are then often relocated. Eventually, they may be sent overseas to protect the freedom of our country. They are likely to go many […]

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The Top 3 Benefits of Donating Your Old Clothes to Charity

Have you donated to charity this year? If not, consider it! Your charitable donations do more than just make you feel good — they provide a number of tangible benefits to your community, the environment, and even your closet. Here are three of the best reasons to find a charity pick up in your area […]

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Beach Glass Jewelry Brings The Sea to You

When it comes to jewelry, people often think about the mines deep in the earth that uncover diamonds and other precious jewels. After years and years of intense pressure, a diamond can form that is extremely valuable to all and even priceless to those who receive them. Jewelry has been a precious commodity for thousands […]

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Don’t Even Think About Getting a Hot Oil Treatment Until You Read This

Are you considering getting a hot oil treatment? A hot oil treatment can do wonders for dry, brittle, and lack-luster hair. If we just described your hair and you don’t include hair services like keratin treatments or hot oil treatments in your hair care regimen, it’s time to treat yourself! How do hot oil treatments […]

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