A Short Guide to the Celebrities Sporting Supreme Clothing in 2016

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Supreme is a brand of clothing originally founded by James Jebbia that has received incredible notoriety around the world. The first location was opened in Manhattan in 1994 and the brand has only grown more popular and exclusive in the years since then.
Supreme has collaborated with countless brands, though Nike, Air Jordan, Vans, and The North Face are a few of their most popular. The brand has gained so much popularity that A-list celebrities are sporting their Supreme clothing brand all over the world.
Supreme clothing online is just as, if not more popular than even the physical locations, but that hasn’t stopped these A-listers from stopping in.
Drake has been spotted countless times sporting a Supreme logo shirt or jacket, and has even been seen with a few different Supreme hats atop his head. This celeb is a huge fan of the unique styles he can achieve with the brand.
Chris Brown
Much like Drake, this star has been seen sporting all manner of Supreme shirts and other items of apparel. Most recently he was spotted rocking a Supreme beanie in a super casual look.
Frank Ocean
Even though he received some backlash from fans for denying them of a full length album for so long, Frank Ocean is still revered by people around the world for his style and music. Ocean has sported Supreme hats for quite some time, and can be seen wearing one at any given time.
Lady Gaga
Even the queen of alternative pop and “American Horror Story” star Lady Gaga has has purchased Supreme clothing online. She has been seen on multiple occasions wearing a Supreme box logo tee and accenting it with her signature red lip.
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber, though having long since abandoned his boyish, silky hairdo, has still managed to completely blow up the music scene with new hit singles. Not only that, but the pop sensation can be seen on multiple occasions wearing Supreme brand clothing and giving it his own unique style.
Supreme clothing is great for any wardrobe, even for the A-listers. The brand’s growth since 1994 has been phenomenal, and it only continues to grow from here.

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