Don’t Even Think About Getting a Hot Oil Treatment Until You Read This

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Are you considering getting a hot oil treatment? A hot oil treatment can do wonders for dry, brittle, and lack-luster hair. If we just described your hair and you don’t include hair services like keratin treatments or hot oil treatments in your hair care regimen, it’s time to treat yourself!

How do hot oil treatments work?

When you get a hot oil treatment, the hair salon you go to will identify the challenges of your scalp and hair type and select a natural oil that best supports your quest to have natural, healthy hair (we’ll elaborate on the benefits of each type of oil, below!). They will apply the warm oil from root to end and let it sit for about 30 minutes. If your hair is particularly damaged, you might benefit from sitting under the heat to get a deeper impact. Once the treatment has concluded, your hair will be shampooed, conditioned, and styled. Your only job is to enjoy your spa treatment.

The heat from the hot oil treatment gently opens the cuticles of your hair shaft, allowing the oil to soak in, rebuilding and strengthening each strand. Some cosmetologists recommend including oil in your daily hair moisturizer, to help seal the moisture in and prolong the benefits of your hot oil treatment.

Benefits of Hot Oil Treatments
There are many reasons to treat yourself to a hot oil treatment, beyond just the relaxation of being pampered:

  • The heat and scalp massage increases the blood circulation in the scalp, with improves healthy hair production.
  • The oil seals the natural moisture that you produce into your hair strands, which prevents damage and split ends. People who regularly get hot oil treatments are often able to grow their hair longer, with less split ends.
  • When you struggle with dull hair, oil gives your hair the appearance of shine.
  • The treatment seals the hair cuticle, making it feel smoother. This is great when your hair is brittle and frizzy.

  • Hot oil treatments are particularly beneficial for our clients who have ongoing issues with dry scalp and dandruff. The oil adds moisture to the scalp, but also helps the skin naturally maintain a healthy moisture balance.

Selecting the Best Oil for Your Treatment
A few of our favorite oils to use in hot oil treatments include:

  • Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba oil most closely resembles the pH balance and moisture content of the oil that your sebaceous glands produce on their own. Jojoba oil is good for clients who have dry skin, as it supports healthy skin moisture without being too greasy and causing breakouts or moisture imbalances.
  • Avocado Oil

    Avocado is a super food, for both eating and your hair! The wholesome fats that avocado oil have are great for filling the brittle ends of dry and frizzy hair, making them full and healthy looking!

  • Caster Oil

    Caster oil is particularly beneficial if you struggle with hair breakage. The thick consistency of caster oil strengthens and reinforces the strands of your hair.

  • Argon Oil

    Argon oil has recently become popular in the hair and skin care industries. Argon oil is great for promoting the elasticity of your hair, and improving your skin’s ability to maintain moisture on its own.

  • Sesame Oil

    Sesame oil is a great “sealer.” When you use sesame oil, the fats fill the cuticle and coat the outside of the strand as well, giving your once-dull hair the appearance of shine.

  • Coconut Oil

    One of the many, many uses of coconut oil is fortifying the hair to prevent breakage, and softening it. This is a great hot oil treatment if you have coarse, brittle hair.

  • Almond Oil

    Almond oil is full of vitamin E, which is an important part of healthy hair and skin. Using almond oil makes your hair healthy looking and feeling.

Talk to your stylist about the particular challenges your hair has to determine the best oil for your hot oil treatment.

Basically What We’re Saying Is…

Everyone loves a great day at the spa. Next time you have the time to treat yourself to a spa service or two, we highly recommend signing up for a hot oil treatment. Not only will it give you total relaxation, it will leave your hair looking shinier, healthier and fuller than ever!

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