How Do You Protect Your Feet When You Are on the Job?

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It was a hike that you will remember for the rest of your life.
You were only 19 at the time, but that very first time that you reached the summit of Eagle Mountain you knew that this was a day you would remember.
As a camp counselor in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, you were in some ways pretty similar to the rest of the staff. You had just finished your freshman year in college and you had spent most of your life participating in various Lutheran church youth group activities. You had attended vacation Bible school weeks in previous summers, so you were familiar with many of the parables and stories that you would be teaching. You had lead prayers in your youth group back home, so you were comfortable standing in front of the campfire and leading large groups in both music and worship.
What you were not prepared for, though, was the fact that you were on the summit of a mountain. Being from the flat prairie lands of Nebraska you had never really had many mountain top experiences before. And as far as mountain tops go, this peak was amazing. Looking to the west you could see miles of other mountains, some so high that they still had snow on their peaks. Looking back toward camp and to the east you could see the reflections of the mountains in the lake that was at the base of the mountain. It was the same lake that you came by that marked the half way point between the camp and the peak.
A few of the less prepared hikers had stayed behind and were spending the afternoon at the lake, but you were among the group at the peak this time. The previous two attempts you did not make it all of the way, but this time you had achieved your goal. It is probably no mistake that this time, the first time you have worn you new comfortable waterproof boots out on the trail, you were finally successful. You had patiently been breaking in your comfortable waterproof boots on shorter hikes during the week, and on this day those boots had helped you reach you goal.
Finding the Right Pair of Shoes Can Make a Difficult Hike a Great Experience
Although some people simply think of shoes as a part of their daily fashion, many others select their shoes based on durability, comfort, and protection. Comfortable boots, in fact, are so important to some jobs that employers even provide their workers an allowance for footwear. And while hikers and other individuals who think of their footwear as a necessity for their recreational activities, many workers simply could not be safe on the job if they were not wearing the right kind of foot protection.
In fact, a Bureau of Labor Statistics study of foot injuries found that 75% of the accidents occurred when workers were not in compliance. Failure to wear the best steal toe work boots, for instance, leaves a major part of the foot vulnerable to falling objects and other work place hazards. In many jobs, comfortable waterproof boots are essential to keeping feet both dry and protected.
In order to make the most safe work environment, many industries have minimum standards that must be met. For instance, regardless of whether the boot or shoe is made of composite or steel materials, a protective toe cap must be permanently fixed to the interior of footwear. Basically, work boots are divided into four separate classes and are rated according to their ability to resist impact. These ratings take both sex and protection ranking into account. These are: Class 75 for men; Class 75 for women; Class 50 for men; and Class 50 for women. A 75 rating is a superior impact resistance rating.
Knowing the kind of boot required on any particular job can help you keep your feet safe and protected. Just as comfortable waterproof boots are essential to most hiking adventures, it is important to understand the safety requirements for the footwear that you have on the job. Foot injuries can cost you lost days at work and lost wages.

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