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Charitable clothing donations

Have you been thinking of a way you can help out your community? How about your environment? If you’re looking for ideas but have been coming up short, never fear — charities for military families and general charitable clothing donations are one of the best ways of covering a lot of ground with minimal effort. The United States is a vast economy that serves hundreds of millions of people day after day, meaning it needs all the help it can get to ensure everyone is healthy, happy and properly supported. Donating clothes can provide your community with affordable options, put materials back into the economy and can even save you money.

Common Purchases And Rates

Did you know the average American will purchase up to 10 pounds of previously used clothing every single year in the United States alone? Clothing is one of the most useful elements in our daily arsenal — when you consider how quickly our tastes change, how we grow out of certain clothes and additional factors such as moving, it makes sense that clothing purchases are regularly through the roof for most people. An estimated $5.8 billion worth of clothing-related donations found their way to charity foundations back in 2007.

Frequent Donations And Necessities

Clothes aren’t just donated to be worn, though that certainly is a common factor. It can also be useful for recycling materials, reducing strain on the environment as well as putting materials back into local industries. Nearly 80% of donated clothing in the United States is used by charitable organizations, with the recovery rate for used clothing and textiles back in 2011 at an estimated 15%. The same year saw an average of two million tons of clothing and textiles either used or donated to charity.

Clothing Donation And Tips

Before you go to charities for military families it helps to know a little about how to donate your clothing articles. Keep in mind they need to be gently used — this means no major holes, tears or missing elements so they can easily be placed up for sale and bought by the next person who walks through the door. All clothing articles are in high demand, from jackets to sweaters to accessories such as gloves and belts. Wondering if there are any you should bring in particular? Simply call your local charity and ask for their thoughts!

Lesser-Known Facts And Support

Need a bit more incentive to get out there and donate? Remember that your charitable donation is tax deductible! All you have to do is keep your receipt and record the amount that you received for donating — certain items that are in high demand are more difficult to find articles such as suits, heavy duty shoes and applicable furniture. When it comes down to it, charities for military families rely on the heart of every day people.

Charities For Military Families And You

Simply asking, “Where can I donate clothes?” is one of the best first steps you can take toward making the world a better place. When your clothes are starting to get too tight or simply don’t fit your unique taste anymore, you can still put them to good use by donating them to a charitable organization. Either they’ll put them up to be bought by those who could use a more affordable option or they’ll put them back into the economy by recycling common and necessary materials like cotton, spandex and latex. Low on time? Many charitable organizations offer pick up services that can be done with a simple phone call. Are you ready to start helping out your community today?

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