Worried About Planning A Party Or Wedding? Try Renting Equipment Instead Of Buying

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Let’s talk parties and events. How do you put one together while circumventing common disasters? Asking the right questions is the first step toward getting the right answers, after all, and you’ve definitely come to the right article. From weddings to baby showers to sweet sixteens, it seems like there’s an event going on at any given time in the United States. One of the most common problems facing anyone, regardless of the amount of guests or the celebration in question, is budgeting — parties can be as cheap as a few hundred dollars and as expensive as thousands. Either way, you’ll want to save money and shop smart.

How Should I Plan A Wedding?

Weddings are huge events. Every weekend sees nearly 45,000 weddings taking place across the country and the average number of guests in attendance is at least 165. Nearly 90% of Americans will marry at least once in their lifetime and the wedding industry represents a stunning $50 billion every year. When you have so much riding on one brilliant day, it stands to reason you’ll want to plan as carefully as possible. A chair cover rental or specialty linen rental can be a useful way of getting the decorations you need while saving you on cash you’ll be spending on dresses, spreads and invitations.

What Are Pitfalls I Should Avoid?

Did you know nearly 50% of women find planning their wedding to be more stressful than they originally imagined? Knock some of that stress out with some practicality and good, old-fashioned budgeting. Renting linens for a wedding reception is fast becoming the go-to option for wives-to-be and wedding designers alike, providing flexibility without cutting too deep into the available budget. An outdoor wedding, in particular, is susceptible to weather and wind — a chair cover rental, table linens or tents can protect against any showers that feel like cropping up and attempting to ruin your hard work.

How Should I Plan A Birthday Party?

Weddings aren’t the only big event that happens in people’s lives. Birthdays, from sweet sixteens to Bar Mitzvahs, are regularly looked forward to and often call for a lot of scheduling, planning and designing to make the individual in question feel as special as possible. Make sure to put as much emphasis as possible on what makes the friend or family member in question stand out — a vague and generic set-up is not just inaccurate, it can even be insulting to what makes them them. Have fun with colors, go wild with decorations an make sure to keep a close eye on your budget with rental equipment.

What Are Pitfalls I Should Avoid?

The best party is a well-planned party. Jot down any allergies or special diets before coming up with your spread so you don’t indirectly leave anyone in the dust when it’s time to chow down, while alcoholic drinks should be accompanied by a wealth of available designated drivers or easily accessible taxis. Whether it’s a bachelor party before a wedding or a birthday party thrown for a friend, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Last, but certainly not least, a chair cover rental or wedding linen rentals can save you time, money and plenty of stress.

Why Should I Rent Equipment?

Renting equipment is the most economical and flexible choice you can make for the party cooking up in your mind. A chair cover rental or party linens rentals do more than just cover the basics — rental equipment stores offer affordable prices, a wide selection and useful warranties that cover potential spills, tears or burns. This way you can spend more time designing and planning than figuring out how much you should spend on a table or tent. With so many parties and events to attend to, renting equipment is the smart way out. Ready to have a good time?

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