Super Simple Style Tips for Desert Boots

Steel toe boots

There’s no doubt about it ? fashion is true art form and one that is unique because it can be worn by person. This gives fashion pieces a whole new energy as it combines with the energy and natural style or look of the person wearing it. And although many fashion pieces are inspired by nothing short of creative genius, many of the most iconic and popular fashion pieces worn today were born from far less glamorous origins.

For example, the spartan styles of military garb have given way to combat boots, tactical boots, and other styles inspired by the rugged style of army authorized boots. Similarly, the no-fuss style of blue collar workers gave way to all forms of stylized work boots. The list of styles, especially in terms of footwear, goes on.

Although boots have and always will be a popular form of both practical and stylized footwear, desert boots are making waves in modern fashion scenes. Aside from being designed to protect your feet, desert boots are popular because of their comfort, aesthetic, and versatility in terms of style. Desert boots first became popular during the 1950s and their design drew inspiration from a military shoe worn by soldiers in the deserts of Northern Africa during the second World War.

Read on to find out how to desert boots can be styled by both men and women!

Fall for causal

Fall is the perfect time to wear boots, and desert boots are no exception. They’re perfect for crisp, cool fall days that require heartier footwear than warmer summer weather. Both men and women can wear desert style boots during the fall by pairing them with cozy flannel patterned shirts, dark, cuffed jeans, a jumbo scarf, and perhaps a satchel. Congratulations! You just created a look others will fall for.

Preppy chic

Unlike other boots that can be a bit cumbersome to wear during warmer weather, desert style boots can be worn year round and are perfect for swanky summer parties. Try pairing them with a crisp button down shirt, boot cut jeans or capri style shorts. For added swagger, you can wear a sharp blazer or a vest.

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