How Old Are the Work Boots That You Wear Everyday?

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Construction Manager. You let your wife select some of your dress shirts and an occasional tie. Your wife also purchases the khakis you wear. They are simply a variation of what you have been wearing for year, some are pleated, some are not. The dress jeans are easy for her to purchase as well. The inseam and waist size have not changed for years so she has those memorized. The work boots that you wear on the construction sites that you manage, however, are never left for your wife to purchase. You make those purchases yourself, carefully considering the compression resistance ratings and the side zip technology, paying close attention to the latest reviews on the best steel toe boots.
Your wife loves to joke that she sometimes pick out a few of the wilder shirts in an effort to spice up your wardrobe. She goes on to explain that she cannot do anything about the work books, but she can darn well make sure that you have a little variety in the rest of your, what she considers rather boring, wardrobe.
First Year Roofer. This job pays great. It may not be the kind of work you were expecting to be doing while you were working your way through college, but you earn a great salary, you are in the best shape of your life, and you enjoy the crew you have been assigned to. While you have been learning the science of engineering in your college courses, the crew members have been teaching the science of selecting the right kind of work clothes and comfortable work boots. The first day on the job the crew looked at your shoes and quickly explained that those would work for the day, but after work they would take you to their favorite place for work boots. They explained that you needed to pay attention to compression resistance ratings and some other features to make sure that you could work the long hours and have boots that kept you both safe and comfortable.
Rookie Cop. Training to know how to make the best decisions in a variety of situations requires months of work. You have learned the routine of the job, have been trained how to diffuse a number of situations, and went through an extensive defensive driver’s training course. You have had a number training sessions that have forced you to think on your feet, but the shoes that you wear on your feet are not a matter of choice. In fact, although you are given an allowance, some call it a stipend, for the shoes that you wear, you really have very few choices. You must select from a set of law enforcement boots with a high rating for compression resistance, all with the mandatory steel toe design.
Selecting a Quality Work Boot Is Important in Many Lines of Work
One study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that when it comes to foot injuries, 75% of the accidents occurred when workers were not in compliance with the regulated footwear requirements. In fact, only 23% of the workers with foot injuries wore safety shoes or boots, the rest were not. In jobs that have workers in environments where heavy construction materials are in use, for instance, having the right kind of footwear can be the difference between protecting your feet from something falling on them to missing days, and sometimes weeks and months, of work. The decision to invest in a quality pair of compression resistance work boots can seem fairly insignificant when it is compared to lost wages from an accident or injury to one of the 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments or 19 muscles in your feet.
In today’s fitness aware world of personal step trackers and other devices it is common for many Americans to work toward a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Without ever trying, however, the average construction worker might take 30,000 steps in the course of an average work day. Have you invested in the shoes that you need to protect your feet while you are on the job? Protecting your feet must be a priority every day.

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