Want a Cowhide Rug? Here Are 5 Tips for Finding the Right One

Striiped cowhide rugs

You are decorating or redoing your home. Cowhide rugs can make great centerpieces or focal points of any room. You have a lot of options with this kind of rug so you can always find the right cowhide rug to match your decor and your style. From white cowhide rugs to striped cowhide rugs or black cowhide rugs, there is a style for just about anyone’s home. You can even find custom cowhide rugs for sale online so you do not even need to leave the house when you are looking for the right rug.

Find the Perfect Cowhide Rug for Your Home with These 5 Steps:

  1. How big is the room? You should start by measuring the room into which you will place your white cowhide rug. In addition to thinking about the size of the room, you should take into consideration the size of the furniture that will both go around and on top of the cowhide rug. Some of your rug will most likely be hidden by the furniture that you place on and around it. The size of the room will narrow down your options a bit. There are a few different sizes of cowhide rugs you can get. Small rugs are typically between 1.5 and two square meters. Medium rugs are between three and 3.5 square meters. Large rugs are between 3.5 and four square meters. You can also get an extra large rug, any rug that is more than 4.5 square meters.
  2. Set your budget and stick to it. Like everything else when you are redecorating, you can spend a lot on that white cowhide rug you want to accent your room. You do not have to though. The best thing you can do in this area is decide how much you can spend and stick to that amount.
  3. Pick your color scheme. You have to decide what color you want for your cowhide rug. What are the other colors in the room? Your cowhide rug should compliment the rest of your decor. Would a white cowhide rug look best? How about a patchwork cowhide rug? You have a lot of options. From rich brown and exotic colors to a basic black cowhide rug. If you have some other color that you like, you can ask about a custom rug.
  4. Decide how long you want the hair to be. There are several options for the length and the kind of curl on the hair of most cowhide rugs. It can be short and sleek or longer and on the curly side. Most of the cowhide rugs out there are the short and sleek type but they are both available. Decide how important this is to you and you can search online for the option that will look best in your home.
  5. Do not over think this decision. You have a lot of decisions to make when you are decorating or redoing a home. It is all too easy to over think many of them and get lost in the decision making process. When you are looking at cowhide rugs or thinking about what kind would look best in your home, go with your gut. What is it telling you? If you over think this, you will never get any kind of rug. Remember, it is a rug not a lifetime commitment. You can always change it out if you hate it later. For instance if that white cowhide rug does not work, you can return it and get a black cowhide rug. This is not a life or death decision.

Cowhide rugs add something that other rugs may not. They have a natural beauty that other kinds of decorations do not. In addition to that, they are very durable and versatile. Should you not want to walk on it or cover it up with your furniture, you can hang it on the wall and make it the focal point of any room that way. Cowhide rugs work in a lot of ways in your home. They can be used as normal rugs but as a decoration on a wall, they work just as well. Either way, cowhide rugs are great.


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