Do You Have Some Estate Jewelry That You Are Looking to Sell?

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The vintage minimalist necklace just makes you think of spring on the coast. The soft, neutral, peach color and the minimalist vibe also make it versatile enough to wear with a a starched white blouse and jeans or a cute linen dress out for dinner.
You are obsessed with the bold, baroque-style, gold-filigree 19502’s faux topaz clip on earrings. The perfectly match the shoes you have been anxious to wear with your latest little black dress.
Measuring 3.25 inches in outside diameter, the 1990’s vintage clear chunky lucite bangle bracelet with sparkles almost glows in the right lighting. Because you love almost anything plastic that you can wear on your wrist, you snatched this piece at the last estate sale of the weekend.
In a time when the closets of recent college graduates are filled to the brim with trays and bowls full of clearance jewelry from cookie cutter accessory stores, you have traveled a different route in the quest for the perfect accessory. While your former room mates snapchat photos of their latest necklace and ring finds that they purchased for 80% off, you go for a more subtle approach. And when your friends giggle about the fact that they constantly show up wearing the same jewelry, just in different colors, your select pieces stand out.
Estate Jewelry Buyers Purchase and Sell Classic Necklaces, Rings, Watches, and Bracelets
People who frequent estate sales often make their rounds through the weekend listings looking for something in particular. And while estate jewelry buyers often have a budget in mind, they are known to be swayed by the perfect accessory that will complete a future outfit.
Some individuals enjoy the thrill of hunting through items at an estate sale that is held in the neighborhood, others would rather select their pieces from an estate jewelry buyers who them resales these items online. When deciding to buy or sell a diamond ring, for example, an online shop may give both purchasers and sellers an idea of typical price range. And while some jewelry is available for inexpensive prices and decisions can be made quickly, the prices asked by a diamond jewelry buyer, for instance, may be more expensive and require further research. One of the reasons that researching a diamond buyer is important for clients who are looking or purchase or sell is that the price of diamonds can be fairly standard to someone who is well educated.
Consider the following statistics about buying and selling diamonds and other other items from estate jewelry buyers:

  • 80% of millennials believe that it is important to purchase responsibly sourced jewelry. The national average , on the other hand is closer to 66%.
  • 38 million Americans will buy fine jewelry or watches every single year. Although many think of estate jewelry as products for women, some of the most expensive watches and other pieces are actually purchased by and for men.
  • $72 billion is the approximate value of diamond jewelry sold each year in the U.S. This includes the cost of the diamonds, precious metals and other gems.
  • Global diamond jewelry sales continue to show growth. In fact, in the last 25 years they have increased three-fold.
  • 33% of the people who are buying diamond jewelry are willing to spend $1000 or more on their purchase.
  • 10 million people around the world are employed by the diamond industry. This number represents those both directly and indirectly employed across a wide spectrum of roles from mining to retail.

When Everything Old Is New Again
A recent article in the Des Moines Register reported that Millennials are making vinyl records cool again. Perhaps it is this same group of Millennials who are also making estate jewelry popular across the country. In a time when so many people are in to buying in quantity anything that is on clearance or marked down, another group of consumers seem to be into quality and not quantity. The decision to buy estate jewelry, for instance, is a move toward classic pieces that are more stylish and more unique.
As the market for custom pieces of estate jewelry continues to grow, so too does the need for quality pieces that might be hiding in shoe boxes in the attic!

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