Cell Phone Usage Linked to Poor Concentration in Students

Have you heard of the dangers of electromagnetic force? Electromagnetic force, or EMF, may sound like something from a science fiction novel, however there is some evidence that its waves may interfere with bodily functioning. Electromagnetic waves include microwaves, gamma rays, X-rays, and even sunlight. Scientists who study electromagnetic waves look at how electrically charged […]

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What Leather Apparel and Accessories Say About Your Style

Leather speaks of timeless values, of people who know what they stand for, and for quality that endures. Used by humans for thousands of years for clothing, shelter and many other purposes, leather is durable and beautiful at the same time. Fine leather goods speak to a tradition of simple quality, where elegance and good […]

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Where Can You Donate Clothes?

Buying clothing can become a compulsive and expensive habit. It is true that having beautiful and flattering clothing can make you feel better about yourself, but at the same time, filling your life with material possessions doesn’t necessarily meant that you will be happy and fulfilled. Not only that, but buying clothing from stores that […]

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4 Quick-and-Dirty Ways to Recognize Knockoff Leather Bags

Dating back to the Roman Empire, fine leather goods and products have been in wide use. From its humble beginnings as sails on boats to tents, furniture, body armor, and weapons, and ultimately into the wardrobes of the most fashionable of Egyptian women, leather has had a long and varied role in mankind’s history. Today, […]

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