What Leather Apparel and Accessories Say About Your Style

Leather tote bags

Leather speaks of timeless values, of people who know what they stand for, and for quality that endures. Used by humans for thousands of years for clothing, shelter and many other purposes, leather is durable and beautiful at the same time. Fine leather goods speak to a tradition of simple quality, where elegance and good taste have no need to shout to be heard.

Leather: a brief history
Actually the history of leather is anything but brief. It has been used by humans for thousands of years, and has become identified with enduring quality. The ancient Romans even made sails out of leather for their boats. It was worn by fashionable Egyptian women. Around the world, leather was used to make the goods of war and peace: furniture, tents, weapons, shields, body armor, water carriers, saddles and much more. Moroccan and Indian leather goods have become famous for their quality.
Leather continues to be a popular material and even without knowing it, the average person might be wearing or carrying as many as four leather products at a time. These could be shoes, belts, watch straps, pocketbooks etc. In our time, fine leather goods continue to symbolize good taste and values.

Leather apparel and fashion icons
Leather apparel and accessories still create trends in the fashion world. More than sixty years after they were first seen, General Patton’s aviator jacket, which he wore in World War II, and James Dean’s black leather jacket worn in the 1950s continue to inspire designers. Through the 1980s, leading European designers like Versace, Claude Montana, Armani, Ungaro, Fendi, Gucci and Hermes continued the tradition of identifying leather apparel and accessories with luxury and style.
When it comes to luxury and style, these are epitomized by Coach. Both traditional and enduring, Coach leather goods were modeled by Chloe Moretz for the spring 2016 campaign.

Tote bags for women: a love affair
For some reason, women need large bags whenever they leave the house. A large tote bag is needed to carry all the things that you simply cannot be without, even on a short trip to the grocery store. Leather totes are near the top of every woman’s wish list. In the eternal search for the perfect handbag, an elegant but practical tote bag that can hold everything and still look streamlined is like the holy grail. The search continues!
Leather backpacks are nearly as desirable, for those who never quite grew out of their teen years but need to look grown up and sophisticated. Of course, leather backpacks are nothing like the bulging, shapeless sacks you carried around in high school and college. Leather satchels and backpacks redesigned for business and casual use are sleek, practical affairs, with a shape that says: good design.

Leather accessories add a touch of sophistication
Leather accessories instantly give their owner that look of good taste. A leather belt, pocketbook or leather keychain adds an accent of sophistication, of those who have seen the best the world has to offer and picked what they liked about it.
Fine leather goods carry in them a concise version of the role leather has played in history and fashion. That’s why they are instantly recognizable signs of good taste and experience. Every culture and every generation redesigns fine leather goods to meet its tastes and needs, but they never go out of style.

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