Wedding Plans Special Touches For Your Special Day

Smokeless sparklers

The wedding day is a time to celebrate the union between two people. It should be as special as the relationship and include special touches that make it your own. It sometimes difficult to decide how to add those kind of unique elements to a wedding event, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Time to Sparkle
If you are having an evening wedding or reception, sparklers can add that extra special touch to your send-off. While traditional sparklers burn for just 45 seconds, long lasting sparklers for weddings come in a range of sizes and burn times. For a burn time of two and a half minutes, choose 10 or 20 inch versions, or if you want a longer sparkle, the 36 inch long sparklers offer four whole minutes of magic. Classic sparklers are made from long metal wire that is stiff enough to remain straight, coated in slow-burning pyrotechnic batter that is then allowed to dry. The long lasting sparklers that are 20 to 26 inches long are perfect for wedding use as guests only need one sparkler, it only has to be lit once, and the long handle makes it easier and safer to hold. Smoke free sparklers are also available. But although sparklers are generally safe, you should consider making these special wedding sparkler adults-only; children between the ages of 10 and 14 are two and a half times more likely to be injured by fireworks. At the very least, children should only use sparklers under adult supervision. Ordering enough long lasting sparklers for roughly three-quarters of the wedding guests in attendance should be more than enough for during the ceremony or a post-ceremony or reception send-off.

Ethnic Additions
If you or your partner come from a specific ethnic heritage, consider how you can incorporate meaningful aspects of your culture int your ceremony and reception. Those of Italian heritage, for example, might use traditional Italian bombonniere as wedding favors for guests. Usually these are pink and white sugared almonds in small containers that can be matched to your theme. A traditional Kenyan wedding feast might feature pilau, chapatti and ugali served with a stew of chicken or beef. Caterers can put contemporary twists on ethnic traditions. Another option would be to use traditional music or poetry from your heritage as a reminder of your traditions.

Sweet Satisfaction
If you and your guests have sweet tooths, a candy buffet can be a fun and different addition to your wedding feast. Whether it is used as part of the cocktail hour or as a dessert buffet that offers traditional desserts as well as some customized candies, such sweets trolleys are increasingly popular. You could even kick it up a notch by theming your cocktail hour as an afternoon tea and offer sweet candy alcohol shots paired with afternoon tea favorites like mini chocolate eclairs and fancy fruit tarts. A tea rack between three or four guests offers a talking point and something different that your guests will always remember. Delicious!

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