Cell Phone Usage Linked to Poor Concentration in Students

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Have you heard of the dangers of electromagnetic force? Electromagnetic force, or EMF, may sound like something from a science fiction novel, however there is some evidence that its waves may interfere with bodily functioning. Electromagnetic waves include microwaves, gamma rays, X-rays, and even sunlight.

Scientists who study electromagnetic waves look at how electrically charged particles interact with both each other and with magnetic fields. An electromagnetic wave is actually formed when any particle’s movement is accelerated. It then goes on to interact with other charged particles and can effect those particles’ angular momentum and energy. EMF can effectively harm cells at a level one billion times lower than conventional heating methods can. It may be possible to reduce these waves with an EMF shield.

Cell Phone Users Need to Be Aware of the Dangers.

Do you turn your cell phone off during the day? Unless politely told to do so by a flight attendant, most of us have our cell phones on all day. At night we reluctantly set our phone down but still keep it with easy reach. What is crucial to remember is that when our cell phones are on 24/7, they are emitting electromagnetic radiation 24/7 as well. It is probably not a good idea then to sleep with a wireless phone less than a foot from your head, and not just because of the insomnia-inducing screen light.

Laptop Radiation Effects on Reproductive Health Are Cause for Concern.

If you are a man reading this, how often does your internet browsing happen with the laptop on your actual lap? One 2012 study showed a direct correlation between sperm count and laptops. It takes only four hours of usage over Wi-Fi to see a drop in sperm viability. Understandable, an EMF shield may be the focus of your next internet search.

Protect Children From Electromagnetic Radiation With an EMF Shield.

When studying the effects of electromagnetic waves, if there is any seriously harmful effects on the body it would clearly effect children the most. Perhaps what is alarming is that the negative effects begin during pregnancy. Women who used their cell phones extensively during pregnancy had children who were more likely to have an array of behavioral problems, such as hyperactivity. One 2010 study on children aged eight to 17 discovered a link between short-term EMF exposure usage and concentration problems, irritability, and headaches.

Examining the case for the dangers of EMF exposure can reveal correlations and few direct causations. Still, it may be for the best to look into EMF shields. EMF shields are said to absorb the potentially harmful waves. Full body protection can be tricky. The best way is to turn off appliances of all sizes when not in use. Great references here. Links like this.

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