Interesting Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Quirky Person

Onesies pajamas for adults

We all have those people in our lives who add some lime green to our otherwise black and white world. They go against the grain and never apologize for it. They dye their hair unnatural colors and drink obscure organic juices. They say what they feel and always mean it. These are the people that you think of first when you hear about a funk-pop-reggae-rap group coming to town for a one-night show. When it comes time to give them a gift, check these out:

Book Box: Made popular by ghost-hunting babysitters and crime-stopping dogs in the 90’s, books that act as a place to hide precious belongings are making a mainstream comeback. Whether they need a place to hide love letters or embarrassing middle school pictures, your quirky loved one will appreciate the sentiment. With a book box, you will let them know that you will always be there to help them hide their deepest, darkest secrets (or evidence that they used to rock a mullet).

Onesie: Let’s be honest: we would all rather be snuggled up with our pets and watching Netflix while wearing onesies pajamas than whatever we’re doing at this very moment. Anyone who says they wouldn’t are either liars or bad at having fun. Chances are, your friend is one of the 75% of adults who wear pajamas to bed (if they’re not, don’t ask to see what they wear). Any friend or loved one would be delighted to receive a pair of plus size onesies for adults (or regular size if they don’t have as much junk in the trunk). To make it even more special, get one with a butt flap to make going to the bathroom a breeze. Many companies offer plus size onesies for adults, footed pajamas for kids, and everything in between. On average, adults get about 8 and a half hours of sleep (with most of them not wearing onesie pajamas). But hey, if newborn babies are allowed to sleep for 14 hours a day, why can’t we?

“What I Love About You” book: If you’re one of those people who is awful at saying the three most coveted words in the English language, let a book do it for you. They are sold online or can be handmade with some crafting supplies and perseverance. The gist is this: you wanna tell someone they’re awesome but have gotten tongue-tied every time you’ve tried. With a “What I Love About You” book, you just have to list the reasons you find them truly wonderful. Heck, you don’t even have to say a word when you bestow it upon the recipient; you can just throw it at them and run.

Would you contemplate buying plus size onesies for adults who like to have some fun with bedtime? Do you want to tell someone how fantastic you think they are without having to actually speak the words? Sound off in the comments below!

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