Turns Out There is Such Thing as Fun for the Whole Family Escape to France

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Have you always wanted to visit Paris, the city of lights and love? If you find that you finally have the funds, but are reluctant to buy tickets on account of the kids, consider this. Having young children is no reason to forego your much awaited vacation — millions of families travel with kids every year. In fact, spending quality family time by taking a break from school and work gives you a chance to create memories and experiences that last a life time. There are many ways to optimize the family vacation, from opting for luxury apartments to careful itinerary planning. Traveling with youngsters should by no means be painful or stressful, so ignore your friend’s horror stories and follow a few simple rules to make your family summer or winter vacation the best it can be:
Take them into consideration when planning…
According to a study, 53% of kids think they could plan a vacation better than their parents. This is perhaps because kids and adult don’t often want to do the same things. Your tykes want to explore every booth in a street market, while you want to spend the afternoon at the Louvre. They want to skip rocks in the Seine while you want to take a walking tour of the historic fourth arrondissement. Avoid butting heads and crying children by agreeing beforehand that everyone will get a chance to do what they want. Prepare them for the trip by doing research together and agreeing on certain activities that everyone will enjoy — like visiting the famous Catacombs, a network of tunnels and rooms, five stories under Paris, lined by innumerable skulls and bones.
Plan around exciting events or locations…
One way to keep short attention spans focused and delicate tempers calm while on vacation is to plan a trip with a specific purpose in mind. It might be tempting to embark on a wine inspired journey through the French countryside, but taking advantage of the French Alp’s status as the number one ski destination in the world might be a better idea. Or, join the festivities on July 14 as France celebrates Bastille day, or French Independence Day, with raucous festivals, performances, street fairs and an impressive pyrotechnical display at the historic fortress city of Carcassonne in Languedoc-Roussillon.
Don’t forego comfort…
Instead of a hotel, consider one of the many luxury Paris rentals that are available for visitors of all kinds. Luxury apartments specifically designed for tourists ease the strains of traveling by making you feel at home right away in a strange city — and can be awesome when the kids are completely worn out for the day and just want to eat a quick dinner of leftover baguette and cheese before hitting the hay. Enjoy home comforts like having a kitchen and room for entertainment to take full advantage of the city and maximizing comfort. It’s your vacation too, and there is no reason you can’t unwind in a home away from home, your window framing the Eiffel tower, in the luxury apartments of your dreams — with the kids asleep in the next room.

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