Piercing Done the Right Way What You Should Know

How to become a piercing apprentice

Body piercings used to be looked down on in culture, but recently, they’ve been gaining increasing acceptance in mainstream culture. More and more individuals are getting their noses pierced or multiple piercings in their ears, as well as experimenting with other types of body piercings. There are many different body piercing types — anywhere from as tame as your ear to as shocking (perhaps) as a nipple piercing! However, piercing isn’t a new form of expression by any means — the oldest known piercing was found on a body from 2500 B.C.! Today, almost 85% of Americans have piercings in their earlobes. However, to do piercings correctly, you need the right training to make the customer happy and ensure no infections or other health concerns occur.
What’s the Attraction of Body Piercings?
For many people, it’s a form of self-expression or beautification. Many women (and men) wear earrings and it’s seen as a way to boost one’s appearance. Unusual piercings, such as nipple, tongue, or navel piercings may be a way for an individual to express him or himself or push boundaries. Stretching boundaries and rules are a strong reason many young people choose to get piercings! Piercings can also be very artful, with certain designs or jewels being significant or particularly meaningful to the person. In some cultures, piercings can be part of a tradition or custom as well. Others may get piercings to commemorate a certain occasion or event in their life.
What Are Popular Body Piercing Types?
The list of body piercings can run on and on. Like stated before, earlobe piercings are definitely the most common piercing. However, for men, the nipples are a popular spot to be pierced — in a survey, it showed that almost 20% of men had a nipple piercing, with eyebrows, earlobes, tongues, noses, and lips being the next most popular. The navel is a popular spot for women to choose to pierce — over 30% of women who took part in a survey said they had a navel piercing. Also popular are noses, other places on the ear other than the earlobe, tongues, nipples, eyebrows, and lips.
What’s Involved in Learning How to Professionally Body Pierce?
It’s not just as easy as putting a needle through a part of someone’s body, as some people have learned when they tried to pierce at home! In order to properly learn how to body pierce, a body piercing apprenticeship is needed. Essentially, an apprentice will go through all levels of learning how to body pierce, guided by a professional and will learn about everything from customer service skills to learning about sterilization, cross-contamination, and any pathogens that can be carried through the blood and how to minimize the risk of infections through needles. They have to spend at least a year as an apprentice before becoming a full piercer themselves. It’s a rigorous course, meant to ensure public health safety.
This is why it’s always wise to go a place that is licensed to pierce. Although there are many body piercing types, you want to make sure you’re going to a place that is going to adhere to the correct safety measures.

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