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Whether you work in emergency response or handle hazardous materials and heavy machinery, there are plenty of reasons to wear fire resistant clothing on the job at all times. However, sometimes making sense of the many types of fire resistant work clothes can be difficult, and knowing what to wear for which job can be even more confusing. If you’re new to FR apparel, including brand names such as Dickies and Bulwark FR, here are the many different styles available for all of your safety needs:

· Outerwear: Fire resistant jackets are important for a variety of reasons and serve many purposes. For some workers, such as firefighters, wearing fire retardant jackets is one of the best and easiest ways to stay safe. Others in different occupations may not come into contact with flames or extreme heat on a regular basis, but having fire resistant outerwear is especially advantageous in places where fires can easily break out, even in outdoor locations.

· Coverings and Coveralls: In addition to coverings for the outdoors, many fire resistant garments are also meant to protect the wearer in indoor settings as well. Coveralls are useful for those working both indoors and outdoors, and they are excellent for construction environments where sparks from welding equipment can easily start a fire. For those working with hazardous materials and chemicals, coverings such as lab coats and fire resistant lab coveralls with hoods are especially important in the event of a toxic or flammable chemical spill.

· Shirts and Pants: For indoor jobs where accidents can easily happen, such as in maintenance or manufacturing, even having the correct shirts and pants for the job can save workers from dangerous situations. For example, Bulwark FR produces many high quality shirts and pants for both men and women and suitable for a variety of job sites. Other manufacturers of FR clothing, such as Dickies, Carhartt, and Gore Tex, make clothing for a variety conditions and occupations.

· High Visibility Gear: Some FR apparel also demands visibility in harsh conditions, such as smoky or dark environments. High visibility clothing includes reflective strips and bright colors to ensure that you can be spotted or that others can spot you in the event of an emergency. This type of clothing is also beneficial for those who work in construction zones, so construction and motor vehicles can easily avoid you if you are near their path.

Having fire resistant clothing made from special fabrics can save your life in case of danger on the job. From Bulwark FR clothing to Dickies and Carhartt jackets, all of these garments can keep you safe and protect you from other harsh elements. Don’t gamble with your safety on the job. Make sure you show up outfitted in the correct FR apparel, so you can stay protected and do your job as best as possible without an inconvenient or deadly accident occurring. Read more here:

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