Three Tips for Building the Perfect Custom Print Tees for Runners

Running has become one of the most popular sports in the United States. According to statistics from Running USA, 16 million Americans run in more than 26,000 running events every year, ranging in distance from the ever popular 5K to ultra-marathons. Running, ostensibly, is in the American blood. When planning a 5K, there is a […]

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You May Want to Consider Getting Camouflage Clothing

Time Magazine reports that camouflage became a preferred style for fashion in America during the 1980’s. Today, while there is certainly camo clothing for men and women alike, the pattern is now used in a variety of contexts. You can find camo formal dresses, camo bathing suits, camo bed sheets, and even cheap camo purses […]

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The Top Five Tips for Shopping for Luxury Wrist Watches

There are plenty of good reasons to purchase luxury wrist watches. In the workplace, wearing a luxury watch conveys a sense of professionalism and style that casual watches can’t quite match. There is also a wide variety of luxury wrist watches on the market for both men and women — meaning there is a luxury […]

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Need Fire Resistant Clothing for Work? There’s Something for Everyone

Whether you work in emergency response or handle hazardous materials and heavy machinery, there are plenty of reasons to wear fire resistant clothing on the job at all times. However, sometimes making sense of the many types of fire resistant work clothes can be difficult, and knowing what to wear for which job can be […]

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Three Tips on Being Fashionable But Not Culturally Insensitive This Summer

Whenever we look at recent trends in fashion, a pattern often emerges: clothing, whether it’s a style or design, appropriated from other cultures. “What you have now then is the marketing of racialized identities as tools for consumption,” sociological author Amalia Mesa-Bains has written. So what’s the problem, exactly? Critics would say that using another […]

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