The Top Five Tips for Shopping for Luxury Wrist Watches

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There are plenty of good reasons to purchase luxury wrist watches. In the workplace, wearing a luxury watch conveys a sense of professionalism and style that casual watches can’t quite match. There is also a wide variety of luxury wrist watches on the market for both men and women — meaning there is a luxury watch for every occasion.

If you have never shopped for luxury watches before, don’t worry — these tips will give you all you need to know to find the right watch for your taste.

Here are the top five tips for shopping for luxury wrist watches:

1. Think about you want from your luxury wrist watches: As previously stated, there is a wide variety of different luxury wrist watches available. If you’re looking for a high-quality timekeeper that can be worn during a workout, a luxury sports watch is right for you. However, if you are looking for a more professional look, you should opt for a more traditional luxury watch.

2. Understand the different watch movements available: You can typically choose from two watch movement types — Swiss movements or Japanese movements. It’s advised to steer clear of Chinese movements while shopping for luxury wrist watch movements, because they tend to be of lower quality.

3. Try it on: You can usually tell whether or not a luxury mens or womens watch is well-constructed by simply trying it on and getting a feel for it. The watch should feel solid and sturdy on your wrist. Check how well the clasp operates, examine how the bracelet fits to the watch case — and the best luxury wrist watches will make little to no noise when shifted around on your wrist.

4. Invest in timeless timepiece style: There are luxury wrist watches that are designed and crafted to be worn for decades, remaining in style despite momentary style trends. Then there are watches that are clearly following the season’s trend — and will be out of style in a few months’ time. Which would you rather have?

5. Look out for consistent pricing: While shopping around for luxury wrist watches, it’s usually a good idea to look at the pricing of a particular watch at both authorized and unauthorized watch dealers. If the watch sells at a significantly lower price at the unauthorized vendor, it means that there is something wrong with the value or quality of the watch. Instead, you should buy luxury wrist watches with “consistent pricing,” which means they sell for the same price at authorized and unauthorized dealers.

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