Why You Should Only Buy Activewear Made in America

When you’re shopping for fashionable workout clothes and athleisure wear, it’s important to know where the products you’re shopping for came from. There are plenty of reasons to look for US made activewear and athletic clothing. Here are just a few: Foreign Work Conditions Labor standards in foreign countries are frequently poor and unsafe, child […]

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Quick Tips for a Better Online Jewelry Shopping Experience

Whether you’re looking for a wedding band, engagement rings, or diamond earrings, the internet has become a busy shopping ground for jewelry purchases. Statistics tell us that an average of 20% can be saved off of standard retail costs, and it actually makes sense, since you’re not paying the overhead involved in brick-and-mortar jewelry shops. […]

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Camo Wedding Day Ideas How to Add a Little of Country to Your Special Day

Here comes the bride, all dressed in… a camo formal dress? That’s right. More and more brides and grooms are going camo clad for their special day, and camo weddings have become increasingly popular. The camo trend, which took the fashion world over by storm, has now infiltrated the wedding industry. For some, especially those […]

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New Study Suggests Botox and Other Injectable Fillers Are Actually Quite Safe

Actress Renee Zellweger, 45, is glad folks thinks she looks different and believes all the hubbub about her new look is silly. While her transformation sparked heated debates over whether she underwent cosmetic surgery or used Botox treatments, or a combination of the two, to achieve her unnaturally smooth, porcelain look, Zellweger simply attributes her […]

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Pandora Charms An Angel for Every Woman in Your Life

Trying to find the perfect gift for the woman in your life isn’t always easy, especially if she’s partial to jewelry. There are just so many options to choose from and it can be overwhelming. Charm necklaces, like those designed by Pandora, are extremely popular right now. And, although your first inclination might be to […]

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History of Lingerie

Lingerie has been popular for centuries and has evolved to include every day wear and sexy character costumes for special occasions. Americans spend millions of dollars on lingerie every year, from push up corsets to strapless bustiers to simple bras with underwire. Undergarments originally were intended to be more functional than seductive. A skirt and […]

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