How to Choose an Engagement Ring Your Fiancee Will Love

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Cut, color, clarity and carat are the 4 Cs of engagement ring design, but any good jewelers will be able to give you an overview of those. It still may not answer your major question about the ring: how can you pick out one she’ll like?

It’s important to pay attention to your fiance’s tastes. If she feels passionate about silver, don’t shop for yellow gold engagement rings. If she’s more traditional, shop for vintage style engagement rings rather than more unusual engagement rings. It’s easy to get caught up and let your own preferences determine the ring, but remember, she’s the one who will be wearing it, so make sure it reflects her personal style.

The cut or shape of a diamond is often the first thing people notice about a ring, so if you have to ask your fiancee what cut she prefers, it might be worth it. You can also spy out rings she already has to get an idea, or ask friends and family members.

Usually, you’ll be looking to buy a loose stone, since most finished rings in jewellery shops are models or examples to give you an idea of what your ring will look like. The stone is often the most expensive and important component, so make sure you only work with good jewelers who will help you find the best stone.

Once you’ve got a cut in mind, you can think about the setting. Different settings look best with different settings, and good jewelers will be able to help you match them. A more modern cut can be pleasantly offset by a traditional four prong setting, and a round diamond can be enhanced by a pave setting.

The metal is the next step. People often have very strong preferences when it comes to metal, so if you’re not shopping with your fiancee, it’s important to get a good idea of what she likes. Platinum is popular, as are the many shades of gold.

If you’re still worried about finding a ring that suits your fiancee, don’t sweat it. These days, you can always propose first and shop for rings together later, or give her a placeholder ring so she can select one she likes after you propose. Still, it never hurts to wow her by going in prepared!

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