The Surprising History of Charm Bracelets

Pandora for mothers day

Many people now wear charm bracelets, such as Pandora charm bracelets, as a fun and flattering way to show off the many qualities and interests that make them an individual. This unique display is now easier than ever due to the many charms available to represent a wide array of different activities and attributes: from mothers day Pandora charms to silver angel charms, there are an endless number of ways to express yourself through this accessory. However, what many people don’t know about Pandora jewelry and other charm bracelets is that they are far from a recent phenomenon. Instead, people have used charms for years as a way to protect and decorate themselves and their loved ones. Read on to learn some of the fascinating facts about the history of charm bracelets!

Prehistoric Times
The use of charm jewelry likely began thousands of years ago as a way to protect the wearer against evil spirits and bad luck; charm jewelry from this period has been found to feature amulets made from shells, animal bones, and clay, while later examples were made from gems, rocks and wood. Charm jewelry was likely used in Africa as many as 75,000 years ago, which many explain how it came to be used in ancient Middle Eastern civilizations such as Egypt, Assyria, and Persia.

Early Religious Uses
During the time of the Roman Empire, Christians reportedly kept small charms, shaped like fish, hidden in their clothes to identify themselves to other members of their faith. During this period, Jewish scholars would write minuscule passages of Jewish law and keep them in lockets around their necks to keep their laws close to their heart at all times. Later, during the Dark Ages and Medieval times, charms marked a person’s family origins, faith and political persuasion, while knights used them for protection in battle.

Victorian Times
Among the many trends Queen Victoria started during her reign was the wearing of charm bracelets: the famous monarch apparently loved to wear charm jewelry and give them as gifts. After her husband, Prince Albert, passed away, the Queen also popularized mourning charms, which typically featured depictions of the deceased, locks of their hair, jet and pearls.

American Charm Jewelry
Most people today know about Pandora jewelry, but the charm bracelet was originally introduced to the United States when Tiffany and Co. unveiled a link bracelet with a single heart charm in 1889, a piece that eventually became an iconic symbol of the brand. By the 1930s, diamond and platinum became popular components of charm bracelets, which then became popular gifts for soldiers returning from World War II to give their loved ones. By the 1950s and 60s, charm bracelets experienced another wave of popularity when they were worn by screen icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford, particularly among teenagers.

Today, charm bracelets are as popular as they have always been, although few would likely suspect that they are as old as they are. While in most cases they are no longer used to protect against spirits, signify religious affiliation to the sympathetic, or mourn loved ones, charm jewelry has become a great way to show the world what you love, where you have been, and who you are. If you’re interested in learning more about charm jewelry, and about Pandora jewelry, contact a local jeweler specializing in this accessory to see how it can help show the world who you are. Check out this website for more.

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