How to Furnish Your Living Room With Luxury and Modernism in Mind

Modern living room ideas

Of all the things that mirror who you are, nothing accentuates this more than your house. From the paint, to the wall hangings, to the flooring, to the window treatments, every accessory in your home will likely speak volumes about your taste and style. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your home that gives it its flair is your home furnishings. Sofas, coffee tables, and chairs give a spacious room dimension and appeal. They can take an ordinary living room and make it appear grandeur with just a few high quality living room furniture pieces.

But if you are tired of your stuffy old armchairs and dated couches, and you are ready to update to modern home furnishings, you can easily do this without changing your home’s ambiance. Here are few living room makeover ideas that will tip your room in the direction of luxury, and still give it a homey feel.

  • Leather. Leather has been around for centuries and has provided everything from clothing to homes for people around the world. Despite its historic charm, leather translates to modernism as well. Many chairs and sofas made from black or brown leather often have clean and straightforward design and structures that blend well in a simplistic setting. Manufacturers often do not mix and match colors, and leather furnishings are usually monochromatic by design. The highest quality leather usually comes from top grain hides that are often more pliable and durable than full-grain. Living room furniture made using top grain leather is also more stain resistant, and lasts longer. You can also accent them with a colorful throw to match your room’s decor.
  • Modern Classicism. In interior design, 2014 trends are pointing toward a return to classic gold, brass, copper or iron on handles, embellishments and fixtures. You can also follow suit by taking modern living room ideas and adding hints of these metals to your living room furniture. For example, a modern City Club dresser from Stanley furniture collections could be studded with brass or gold knobs on its drawers, and a modern fabric-happy lounger could also have similar embellishments on the arms or legs of the chair to unite the theme. You could add in a coffee table with brass legs instead of wood to finish the look.
  • Color Explosion. Modern trends are also pointing toward the use of contrasting colors to make a room pop. While you might think that this is the opposite of the simplicity of modern design, and the sophistication of metal fixtures, the colors used here are used in clean lines, not chaotically. In other words, a luxurious red sofa can be accented with bright blue pillows made from a different fabric. The combination creates a clear contrast, and also adds dimension to the entire room. The change in fabric creates the element of depth and can add a modern elegance to a room that older furniture cannot achieve.

These trends help highlight that classic furniture can easily become modern with a few tweaks. So you do not necessarily need to leave the style of your old furniture behind; you just need to change your perspective and look for furniture that combines the two styles into a seamless blend of luxury. Visit here for more information.

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