Read These Three Tips Before Getting a Printed Uniform for Your Team

Custom team uniforms

Do you remember the first set of sports uniforms you ever received as part of a children’s team? For many kids, it’s not the bleachers of parent fans, the rough texture of the ball, or the scoreboard that make a game real — it’s the uniform that declares to the world that they’re a team we should all be able to identify.

There are many reasons you may be interested in ordering custom team uniforms. Sometimes you need shirts for new players — sometimes the entire team needs an overhaul. And sometimes, for special occasions, like state competitions, it’s worth it to have a special shirt. The last thing you want is to end up with no shirts, or shirts that say the wrong thing, however. Here are three tips for making sure you get great screen printing for your team.

1. When to Call It In

When should you call in an order? The answer is always sooner than you think. It’s easy to put this off, especially if you’re dealing with a group of children (or even adults) who consistently forget to bring in money for their shirt. However, the longer you wait, the more you risk not having your shirts in time. Four weeks ahead of time allows for you to make sure a company can handle your order, and also ensures that if anything goes wrong, you’re not going to be left with no time to fix the issue. Ask what their typical turnaround time for orders is.

2. What to Ask About Sports Uniforms

When you contact a company to handle your uniform order, there are a few questions worth asking. They include:

  • “What do you use for the design printing?” If someone is ironing on printed-out designs, it might be real cheap, but it won’t last very long. Heat pressed fabric paint and embroidery tends to last the longest.
  • “What’s your policy on misprinted shirts?” It happens to even the best printers, so it definitely happens with everyone else, too. Will you be out a $200 order, or will they re-print the shirts if your team’s name is spelled wrong?
  • “Will I be able to see a sample first?” Many designs, once simplified and put into existing colors the company has, might look different than you imagined.

3. Choose Quality Over Price

It can be tempting to go with the lowest offer you receive. However, the best bet for lasting value is to go for quality. If you have a cheap shirt that falls apart or fades quickly, was it really worth it? Especially if it’s sportswear that will get dirtied and washed constantly, you want a lasting product.

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