Dear US Military Camouflage Gear is Not Just For You

Military camouflage bedding

Camouflage has been used by the military for years to achieve a high level of disguise. Several different patterns were created during World War II to adequately hide U.S. military soldiers while they were on duty. One of the most popular designs that emerged was the U.S. Woodland pattern, with the traditional green, brown and black interlocking color scheme.

By using varying colors and patterns, camouflage clothing has been able to successfully disguise military in a multitude of settings that range from areas of dense forests, to desert locations. The patterns and colors change in the case of desert-stationed military, using different shades of tan so that soldiers, and even their equipment, can blend in with their natural surroundings.

But camouflage, derived from the French word “camoufler,” meaning to disguise or blind, is now not only used by the military. Since the 1980’s camouflage clothing has become a popular fashion trend for many Americans, according to Time Magazine. Hunters first took to this kind of gear, because they could hide from game in the woods during hunting season. But hunters then began to wear it as lifestyle clothing choice. In recent years, several gun makers have even invested in pink camo guns to attract female clientele.

As soon as these patterns reached the mainstream clothing market, many people began purchasing camouflage gear, such as camouflage cargo shorts, shirts, skirts, and even camo purses and wallets. This pattern can even accessorize an entire bedroom with camouflage bedding, wall paper, and camo seat covers. There are also many couples that go with camo-themed weddings, complete with camo wedding decorations, cakes, invitations, and even camo wedding gowns.

So if you are a camouflage fanatic, you are in luck. Whether you want a pink camo gun, camo pants, or you want to turn your wedding into a camo gala, you will be able to find any of these things online. Several retailers also carry camo gear in stores. With all these options, you will be able to get a camo fix whenever you want.

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