Different Types of Watch Bands

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The look of your watch band is heavily influenced by your sense of style. But did you know that different types of watch bands are also better suited to different lifestyles? The way you choose to spend your free time can have a massive impact on the type of watchband that’s right for you. Here’s how.

A Full-Contact Lifestyle. Sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers need a band that can keep up with them. Leather is durable and comfortable, though you should avoid it if you spend a lot of time in the water — your watch casing may be rated for 15 ATM, but a leather band won’t hold up so well. However, for home-court ballers and gridiron captains, a leather band can take a beating without scratching your wrist the way a metal band might.

The Lighter Side of Active. Some sport watches for men and sports watches for women boast a sleek metal mesh band. This type of band breaths very well, is light and durable, and can easily double as a stunning accessory for a night on the town. A mesh band clasp also allows for a more fine-tuned fit than a buckle or a linked band, so wearers can achieve the perfect level of tension — the band becomes a part of your arm, rather than just something you’re wearing.

Elegant and Sophisticated. If you need a watch band that catches the eye and completes the ensemble, metal links are the way to go. The geometric regularity and near-infinite customization available in linked bands make it the perfect choice for a night on the town. Different sizes of links can provide a snug and secure fit, though it may take a while to match your individual style with your particular wrist size. However, once you find the perfect match, you’ll have the perfect accessory to make the scene.

Different types of watch bands can look better or worse with certain types of casings as well. If you have a specific casing you’d like to keep (an heirloom, perhaps, or a hard-to-find size or dial style), you find the right watch band with just a little bit of research and testing. Just remember: it’s about so much more than just knowing what time it is. To learn more, read this.

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