A Look at The Ghost Chair

Ghost dining chairs

There are many interesting facts surrounding furniture and its history. In medieval times, noblemen or those in higher classes of society primarily used chairs. The most notable of these are thrones. The lower classes of people sat on the floor or perched themselves on backless stools. The word “couch” comes from an Old French term meaning “to recline”.

While the sales of new home furnishing slowed after the housing market crash and following recession in 2008, the rates has begun to trend upward again in 2012 to 2013. Today, many people are seeking designer furniture pieces, including the ghost chair and other high end pieces.

There are many examples of designer chairs
, including those designed by Eames and Philippe Stark. The lounge chair was the first chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the high end market. These lounge chair and ottoman sets were created in plywood and leather.

The ghost chair was designed by Philippe Stark, and is a redesign of the classic Louis XVI armchair. The ghost chair is often considered a work of art and is created out of translucent or clear materials such as Lucite. This material gives the ghost chair its fitting name.

Along with the ghost chair are other pieces of furniture art including the Noguchi coffee table. This table is created using two pieces of identical curved wood, topped by a piece of thick, heavy glass and is considered a modern classis. It is often paired with the ghost chair for a very contemporary look.

The Tolix stool is also often paired with the ghost
chair or other such unique pieces. The Tolix stool is industrial and minimal in its look, and provides a definite modern look and feel.

With so many options available, you may want to consider hiring a professional interior designer to bring your unique tastes to fruition. This designer can help you choose items such as the ghost chair or ghost dining chairs and then place them in the proper places throughout your home. You will love the overall look and feel of your home when decorated by a professional.

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