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Not all clothing trends last, but camouflage clothing has been in style for a few decades now. It first became popular in the 1980s in the U.S., according to Time Magazine, and since then, it has survived each decade’s changing fashions.

Commonly used by all the branches in the U.S. military, camouflage clothing has been a part of American culture for at least a century. The design is meant to be visually disruptive, and confuse an onlooker with its puzzle-piece-like patterns. The traditional green, black, and brown colors also help to disguise soldiers from enemies. The same type of gear is used by avid hunters, as it hides them from game when they go hunting. Hunting fanatics also often wear this gear for fashion purposes.

These camouflage patterns have also lent themselves well to various types of clothing and accessories over the years. The traditional colors are still available in all styles of clothing, but camouflage clothing can now be bought in various dark and light colors. The trademark pattern can still be identified, because various shades of the same color are used to create the design. For example, you can find a pink camo fleece that utilizes different shades of pink to weave together the same military pattern. There are also camouflage skirts, shorts, and hats in pink, blue, yellow, and other colors. You can even buy camo purses and wallets to match your outfit.

Camouflage-themed weddings are also popular. Couples decorate the venue with camouflage linens and accessories, and even a camo wedding cake. Brides can wear camo wedding dresses and shoes. The groom can match their brides in a camo tuxedo, and the wedding party can be treated to camo formal wear as well.

From pink camo fleeces, to camo shoes, to camo bed sheets, people who love camouflage can completely surround themselves with these patterns. And with so many different camo clothing options, it seems that camouflage clothing will continue to be a major part of fashion trends in the U.S. for many years to come. Read this for more:

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