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Charitable Giving Starts With A First Step Five Common Questions About Donating Used Clothes

Written by admin on . Posted in Donation pick up maryland, Military donations, Organizations that accept clothing donations

You’ve been thinking of donating to charity lately. The news circuit is a miserable place to be sometimes, shuffling what feels like thousands of stories on all the things going wrong in the world. Where do you start doing good, though?

Doing a world of good is as easy as digging through your old closet and picking out clothes you no longer wear. While charitable donations take on many forms, giving away used clothes has to be one of the most affecting. Not only can you stock up your local thrift shops, you can also reduce landfills. This is on top of personal benefits like eliminating clutter in your home. Little by little, that box of unwanted shirts and jeans will do more than you thought possible.

Where can I donate clothes? Should I also recycle some clothing? Basic questions about charitable clothing donations and their impact will be answered below.

How Do I Choose Clothes To Donate?

This is one of the biggest barriers

Why You Should Consider Sunless Tanning

Written by admin on . Posted in Tanning beds, Tanning memberships, Uv tanning booth

A common misconception when it comes to tanning is that tanning beds are safer than a tan you would get from the sun. However, UV tanning beds give off UVA rays, which don’t have the vitman D benefits of UVB rays and can cause more damage to your skin. This is why spray tanning and sunless tanners are becoming a more popular option. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should make that switch as well.

No Harmful UV Rays

Spray tans and self tanners help you to get a nice golden glow without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Both natural sun tans and tans from a bed expose your skin to these rays can cause aging and even cancer. Most tanning memberships offer spray tan options, so you probably don’t have to cancel your membership to make the switch. You can also buy self tanners and use them at home.

Quick and Easy

Sunless tanners help give you glowing skin in no time at