Fitted Tablecloths or Table Skirts: What’s Ideal for Tables?

Fitted Tablecloths or Table Skirts: What’s Ideal for Tables?

If you’re hosting a party, wedding event, or a trade show, you’ll most likely need tables and great dress ups for the tables. Table covers serve a similar role, and they’re an upgrade on any bare table. Table linen varies in appearance, and they can be either plain or custom-designed with colorful graphics. This article will present to you the pros of fitted tablecloths and table skirts.

Fitted tablecloths and table skirts are two of the most popular table linen options to make any of your tables look amazing. These two options are used at buffet tables, welcome desks, trade show displays, and in any other place where a bare table won’t be appealing. Both fitted tablecloths and table skirts can make your table dress-ups glamorous.

But there is a subtle difference, and the difference is significant when figuring out the option that best suits a specific event or place. When and where should you use a fitted tablecloth or table skirt? Read to understand the pros that will point out the facts that you need to consider when making a choice.

What makes table skirts a preferable table dress up?

Do you need to hide those lanky and ugly legs of your table? Then the table skirt is your perfect option. The table skirt’s sides go all the way down the sides of the table, and they can prevent those awful table legs from ruining your elegant event. Table skirts also give you the chance to hide any accessories stored under the tables such as sound systems.

Table skirts come in a variety of sizes, and they can fit different table sizes. For instance, 14 ft. table skirt linen can cover an 8 ft. banquet table as well as three 6 ft. standard banquet tables. This versatile nature of table skirts is helpful when you’re not aware of the table sizes you will find at an event if you’re a planner.

You can pair table skirts well with other table-related linen products with ease. Table skirts can pair well with runners, throw covers, linens, and table toppers. If you’re seeking for more visual appeal, you have to take advantage of linen layering.

The table skirts take care of the sides and leave the top of the table bare. This feature is ideal if you’re displaying items such as greasy engine parts in a trade show display. But if that isn’t the case, you can change your table dress-up cover and scheme by using table toppers with a different color scheme.

Are you hosting a party outdoors on a windy day? Table skirts may be your perfect option for an outdoor event that you host on your patio. They’re ideal because they shield the wind from getting under the table and blowing up the table dress.

What makes fitted tablecloths a preferable table dress up?

Do you lack table toppers to complement your table skirts? Worry no more because the fitted tablecloths will get you covered. The fitted tablecloths are an all-in-one table dress up that covers both the top and all the sides of your table in a snug and fitting way.

Unlike the table skirts, which need table clips to set up the edges of your table, all you need with fitted tablecloth is to spread it. Ensure that it covers all the sides and you’re done if the table linen fits the size of the table. The fitted tablecloths also take a short time to install.

Like the table skirts, the fitted tablecloths are also ideal for outdoor patio events. Table skirts are handy on windy days, and that is because they fit tight. They can also shield the table linens from strong winds, which can blow them up and disrupt your table arrangements.


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