Buy or Hire Wedding Table Linen? Tips to Consider

Buy or Hire Wedding Table Linen? Tips to Consider

The wedding day is a memorable, fun, and important day in the lives of couples but it has its challenges. According to WeddingWire’s 2017 Newlywed Report, 63% of brides say that they feel a lot of pressure to have the perfect wedding. One of the challenging decisions is deciding whether to buy or rent table linen.

The cost of buying table linen will definitely surpass the renting cost. However, before settling on buying, there are some things you should consider. For instance, one of your friends or family member may have party, reunion, or wedding. Table linens will come in handy in this case. After buying, you can resell the linens to cover part of the expense. But the most important thing is to ensure that you purchase high-quality table linens.

Why it is Beneficial to Buy Table Linen?

When you purchase a fitted table cover, you can still use them for other occasions in future. You can purchase table linens for wedding any time before holding the event. Rental linens on the other hand will arrive some two or three days before event. Buying linens gives you ample time to ensure you get linens that match your taste and preference.

When you purchase table linens, there will be no need to return the piece of cloths. There is no pressure to return the linens before certain date or incurring charges for returning the linens late. Purchased linens come in custom sizes and designs. On the other hand linens available for rent only come in standard sizes.

Advantages of Renting Table Linens

The most important benefit of renting table linen is that they are cheap. The linens are pressed and come with table linen hangers. This means that they are ready to use. On the other hand, the purchased linens may have creases and wrinkles that will require ironing out before use.

When you rent table linens, you will not need to wash them after the event. Order will come with duffle bags and shipping labels for return after the wedding event.

Important Things You Should Know When Renting Wedding Linens

Your linen selection sets the style, tone, and basic theme of your event. The wedding linen covers a huge part of your event more than any other design element.

Attention to details

The details are a significant part of the table design. This means that your design should make the table interesting and attractive. Consider a fresh rosebud or napkin fold. Attention to detail will make your event table perfect. It is advisable to choose a professional linen dealer to help you perfect the details.

Choose Bold Linen

The first thing that meets the guests’ eyes is table skirts. You should, therefore, choose bold linens that portray your personality.

Mix Things Up

Using different textures, patterns, and colors give your room design a magical touch. Enhance the visual interest by choosing focus table and use textured linens that have bold patterns.

Choosing ideal Linen sizes and designs is quite overwhelming. Ask for advice from your linen vendor about the design and suitable textures and colors. Expert designers will be in a position to offer advice on trending designs and style

Linen storage

Before storing your wedding table linen, ensure they are pressed and clean. Proper storage ensures that your wedding linens are easy to access and find. Well stored linens are hard to winkle. Before using your table runner in your wedding event, ensure you run an iron over each piece. It is advisable to fold them lightly in half and use table linen hangers to preserve ironing job until the big day. Table linen hangers with open sides are suitable for large linens such as drapes and

Remember, you should never store dirty linen. Clean them as soon as possible after the event and hang using table skirt clips. This can be shortly after the event or the next day. Take time to press your linens. While linen may end up with creases from folding or hanging, pressing gives you an appealing result. Use table linen hangers to hang your lines vertically to ensure you have an easy time in next use.

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