Five Things To Know About Changing Your Hair Color

Five Things To Know About Changing Your Hair Color

For many women their hair is one of the most important part of their everyday look. From putting hair up in a fancy style for work or putting it in a casual ponytail for a day of fun or wearing it down for a special occasion, hair styling has a direct effect on how a woman feels about herself and her look. In fact, 88% of women say their hair has a direct effect on their confidence.

As important as a woman’s hair is to her overall look and confidence, it can also be a source of pride and something to have fun with. This is evident when a woman decides it’s time to change things up and change her hair color. It can fun, it can be exciting and it can really add a special something to a woman’s look.

If you’re looking to take a break from the same old, same old and change your hair color, here are some essential things you should know:

  • Know what you’re getting into: There are several ways you can change up your hair color and two of the most common are permanent hair color kits and bleach kits.
    Permanent hair color kits work by having a color mixture lighten your natural hair color while depositing the formula for and developing the new shade you chose. Permanent hair color kits give you the option of going lighter or darker depending on your preference.
    Bleach kits work by combining a hair company’s crème with a lightener and bleach powder. The result is hair that’s very light—think about four levels lighter than your natural shade. Depending on how far you want to take it, you can also find some kits that will make your hair several more levels lighter.
  • Test things out: One of the obvious things to know about changing your hair color is that once you do it, it’s going to stay that way for a while. So if you’re wanting to change things up but aren’t sure what the results are going to be, take time to test some things out before making any drastic moves. Go to a wig shop and try on some wigs that match the colors you’re interested in. This way you can get an idea of how different colors may look on you without having to fully commit.
  • Follow color cues If you’re going to change your hair color and you’re starting naturally, you should find that it’s fairly easy to lighten or darken your hair since you haven’t put your hair through a routine of chemicals and dyes. If however you have dyed your hair before, it’s pretty easy to go darker if you want, but trying to go lighter doesn’t always give you the result you’re hoping for.
  • Don’t forget to touch-up: If you decide to change your hair color, whether you do it at home or go see your hair stylist at a hair salon, you’re going to need to do some occasional maintenance on your hair. That means you should probably stock up on some shampoo with color vibrancy and try to avoid using any hot hair tools. With a steady touch-up plan—think about every month or so—you should be able to keep your new color going for quite a while.
  • Wear it: It doesn’t matter if you’re lightening your hair or going for a bold new color of blue or green or pink. Ultimately, you’re changing up your hair color because you want to, so when you do don’t be afraid to own your new color.

Changing your hair color can be fun and exciting and knowing what to expect and how to properly care for it can make it a much more pleasant experience. Changing your hair color may seem a little strange at first or take some getting used to, but over time you’ll fall in love with the color you chose and you may just find that you want to do it again.

If you’re unsure where to start, stylists at hair salons should be able to give you some great pointers for what you need to do.

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