Why Your Charitable Donations Matter More Than You Might Realize

Charitable donations matter, and for this reason more than 95% of all people in the United States will give charitably in some way. As a matter of fact, very nearly three quarters of all people in this country will give to charity at least once over the course of the typical year. For many people, charitable donations are the least thing that they can do, and a good use of their extra money that is left over once their needs are met and other financial responsibilities are taken care of.

And charitable donations can help all kinds of people. Veterans families and military families can, for instance, benefit greatly from charitable donations, as military families make up a group that can be negatively impacted in a number of different ways. Military families can be in need of everything from shelter to clothing and helping military families is something that many people feel very good about indeed. Fortunately, military charities aimed at helping military families (and other members of the military world) are many throughout the United States, meaning taht you’ll likely be able to help military families with ease, if this is the charitable cause that you are interested in taking up.

But for some people, helping military families and other people in need of charitable donations is not so easy as that. After all, not everyone is easily able to make a charitable donation in the form of money. For many people, living paycheck to paycheck is simply the reality of things and therefore it would be impossible for them to donate to charity in this way, even if it meant helping military families, provided that this was a cause close to their heart. Fortunately, however, there are many ways in which one might help the needy through donating to charity, both military families and far beyond them as well.

For instance, charitable clothing donations are hugely beneficial to many people. And in addition to helping those in need, charitable clothing donations can greatly benefit the environment as well. After all, choosing to donate clothing is equatable to choosing not to send your clothing to the landfill. Unfortunately, the latter is all too commonplace, with more than 80 pounds of textile waste created per person over the course of just one single year. Unfortunately, only around 15% of all clothing and textile goods are currently donated, meaning that up to ten and a half billion pounds of such things end up in landfills in this very same span of time. As most people know, this is far from ideal for the environment and is something that we all need to be more conscious of, to say the very least on the matter at hand.

Fortunately, things are changing in this regard. Already, more than four and a half billion pounds of clothing are being given to various charities and donated in other ways, something that has kept an immeasurable amount of clothing from ever ending up in landfills in the first place. And clothing trends are actually changing as well, with the average person now buying up to ten pounds of used clothing over the course of just one single year. And by the time we had reached the year of 2007, now more than a decade in the past, it had been found that more than $5.5 billion was going to charities throughout the country in the form of used clothing donations. This meant that more and more clothing was being kept from landfills and even that more and more people were choosing to buy secondhand, something that was both ideal for supporting charitable organizations as well as for supporting and protecting our overall environment as well, something that most certainly benefits each and every person on this planet. And in the years that have transpired since, this number has truly only continued to grow and grow – and will hopefully continue this pattern of growth in the years that are ahead of us as well.

At the end of the day, giving your clothing in the form of charitaBle donations is something that is likely to be largely beneficial.

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