Three Must Know Beauty Tips for Your Eye Brows

Your face is the first thing people come into contact with when they see you. If your face is outstanding, it takes longer before they drift from it. It is therefore natural to want to gloom it by adding artificially modified add-ons that look natural on your face.

One way of ensuring that you stand out among your friends is the application of makeups. It may include applying color on your eyebrows and shaping them. Nonetheless, you have to repeat the process every morning.

However, technology has introduced other efficient methods to replace eyebrow shading. They include micro-blading, microshading, and micro feathering.


Micro-blading is a process that has replaced the eyebrow enhancing products. It uses the pen technique, which has several fine end needles used to create thin strokes of eyebrows.

The process, however, doesn’t penetrate beneath the first layer of the skin. This ensures that the process is safe, although it is semi-permanent.

Nonetheless, you need to understand that micro-blading takes a while before you need to redo it. In fact, it takes between twelve months and three years before it wears off.

For you to achieve three years without repeating micro-blading, you’ll be required to follow maintenance routine as advised by a beauty professional.

If you are a beauty professional, you need to take a 5-day micro blading course to learn how to administer micro-blading correctly. However, if you already know how to do it, consider advanced micro-blading courses and increase your knowledge for more skills and income.

As a beauty professional, how much do you charge for micro-blading services?

Charge depending on the level of your expertise. However, ensure your services are affordable

Microshading method

The difference between micro-blading and microshading eyebrows is that the former is like stamping ink onto your eyebrow. There are two microshading method methods: the manual application and the use of a micro-pigmentation machine.

The manual application involves the use of a pen device with accurately place needles to administer the ink on the eyebrows. So, depending on the pressure you’ll use on the client, the inks penetrate the skins resulting in shaded eyebrows.

Your goal, just like any other business person, is to deliver the best services. However, you can’t achieve your goal if you lack the skills. So, take micro-needling classes to master all the techniques.

Also, you can perform microshading with a micro-pigmentation machine. It is a machine modified to carry out microshading process accurately. You can change the number of needles on it, color, and strokes to fit in the specifications of your client. So, if the client wants a few strokes, you can modify your machine to a few numbers of needles. Similarly, if the client wants the fuller look of the eyebrow, you can increase needles.

The advantage of this method of application is that you don’t have to use pressure while administering microshading method, and it’s quick.

Unlike micro-blading, microshading can be performed on sensitive skin, and you can use varying colors. Also, microshading method has a 3D effect.

Microshading method takes 8-12 months, but you have to follow a maintenance routine for it to last longer.

Micro Feathering

Micro feathering involves creating an incision and placing ink in that incision. To fit in the category of micro feathering, you need to have enough eyebrow hair that can easily blend with the added strokes. Place the incision on a section of the eyebrow, and when the client has healed, insert the remaining micro feathers.

Did you know each of your eyebrows carries an average of 250 hairs? Now you know. Imagine the look of it when you add microshading method or micro-blading. You’ll look magnificent.

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