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Expand Your Career in the Beauty Industry with Microblading

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An average eyebrow has nearly 250 hairs. The hairs on an average person’s head last 3 to 7 years, while the hairs on brows last about 4 months. Those hairs can become quite unruly and end up making an otherwise beautiful face look out of balance or unattractive. However, eyebrow microblading is the perfect way to shape and enhance eyebrows giving people beauty choices other than extensions or make-up. The benefits are enormous for beauty practitioners, medical professionals, aestheticians, hair stylists, nail techs as well as medical spas, salons and plastic surgery offices.

It is easy to learn this amazing technique when you sign up for a microblading course. There are many courses in which to choose including a 5-day microblading course, advance microblading courses and advanced microblading strokes classes to name a few. This technique is one of the most advanced in the beauty industry for eyebrow enhancement. It is essentially a form of tattooing that is performed man

Three Must Know Beauty Tips for Your Eye Brows

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Your face is the first thing people come into contact with when they see you. If your face is outstanding, it takes longer before they drift from it. It is therefore natural to want to gloom it by adding artificially modified add-ons that look natural on your face.

One way of ensuring that you stand out among your friends is the application of makeups. It may include applying color on your eyebrows and shaping them. Nonetheless, you have to repeat the process every morning.

However, technology has introduced other efficient methods to replace eyebrow shading. They include micro-blading, microshading, and micro feathering.


Micro-blading is a process that has replaced the eyebrow enhancing products. It uses the pen technique, which has several fine end needles used to create thin strokes of eyebrows.

The process, however, doesn’t penetrate beneath the first layer of the skin. This ensures that the process is safe, although it is