How Do You Protect Your Cash, Cards and Identity When You Travel?

The trip was a dream until you stepped off the plane in Newark. Someone grabbed your wife’s bag in the airport erroneously and the TSA line took two hours and was utter chaos. Your flight was then delayed three times before being cancelled with about every other flight in the area leading to a three hour wait at customer service. You spent the night in a seedy hotel, and now you are scheduled for another full day of travel hoping to get home around 10 pm tonight. You hate to whine, but this is not the end that you wanted and you can only hope that everyone back at the office is having a better day.
Even when you plan every detail from the easy access wallet that you will carry while you are out of the country to the minimalist money clip you keep in your front pocket at the airport, the travel gods can wreak havoc on your plans. And after spending a three week glorious family vacation in Greece with your wife and two daughters you feel a little more comfortable blaming today’s chaos on the gods. For the last 21 days, in fact, you have toured the temples of the gods that were built centuries ago, yet still stand. From Poseidon to Hermes, the Greek god of travel, you have heard tales of ancient travails that were believed to have been caused by gods playing tricks on mere mortals.

You know that you are fortunate that your problems did not happen until the end of the trip and that they did not delay any of the things that you wanted to do while you were away, but this extra day at the airport is a bit of a challenge.

International Travel Requires Careful Attention to Many Details

Some of the latest easy access wallets have a minimalist design that protects a travelers cards and cash. Often made from carbon fiber, aluminum, or titanium, these easy access wallets, along with a money clip to hold cash, can help protect not only money, but an identity as well. And while a delayed or cancelled flight can seem like a real hassle, the fact of the matter is the real inconvenience is when there is a theft, especially an identity theft.

Unfortunately, the latest research indicates that in 2017 alone, an estimated 16.7 million people were victims of identity fraud. When someone steals your financial information, a delay at the airport begins to look like a simple walk in the park. When you realize that nearly 16.8% of all identity theft fraud cases that occurred in 2017 were classified as credit card fraud, then you begin to realize the vulnerability that these easy payment methods can create. For this reason, there is an increasing market for easy access wallets that can prevent someone from scanning and stealing all of the information that is included on a card. Obviously, a super thin wallet has advantages in itself in that it is more comfortable and less easy to detect, but when you couple the conveneive of this style with today’s technology you have a real advantage.

Unless you do your research, of course, you may not be aware of the problems that can happen when traveling out of the country. Fortunately, there are a number of reliable websites that can guide future trailers to products that will help them travel without fear. The latest consumer research from Nosto indicates that 43% of consumer purchases have been made because of the influence of personalized recommendations and promotions, but you always need to be cautious of where you are getting your travel advice.
When you work with a professional travel agency or well known service companies like AAA you can know that you are getting good advice, but there are also a number of travel savvy consumers who now make their own travel arrangements. If you are someone who books your own flights and accommodations, of course, it is important to pay attention to online resources that can help you determine the latest safety concerns. No traveler wants to leave the success of their trip up to the luck of the gods.

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